So, you are thinking of becoming a vegan? Congratulations, it’s decision that will impact your life positively, it will help you live a healthier, longer life and you’ll look better. We know that turning vegan isn’t a walk in the park, especially if you’re making the transition from being a fully-fledged meat-eater. Eating a plant based diet may sound bland and boring, but we assure you that a vegan diet is nothing like that (here are some vegan breakfast ideas to start with). If you’re doing it right, and by right we mean going wild with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices, then your vegan meals are going to be savory and delicious. Here are 10 tips for turning vegan!

10. Start with One Vegan Day a Week


If you want to become a vegan, but you’re having a tough time giving up animal products, you could slowly introduce your body to a vegan diet by becoming a vegan for one day a week. Make sure that you’re not too busy and that you have plenty of food, because if you’re on the run, then it’s going to be easier to reach for sub, than a plate of hummus.

9. Educate Yourself About Spices


Spices are wonderful and if you’re thinking about becoming a vegan, then you should educate yourself about spices because a simple spice can elevate a simple dish to best thing ever status. For example, cut some potatoes in wedges, throw them in a bit of oil and add some turmeric, sage, basil, paprika, salt, pepper and lemongrass powder and put them in the oven on high for 25 minutes. You won’t be eating potatoes; you’ll be serving a piece of heaven.

8. Read Books about the Animal Industry


If you’re not quite convinced that you should become a vegan, or if you want to make sure you’re going to stay a vegan for eternity, then we recommend you read some books about the animal industry and all the horrible things that are happening there. We recommend Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, you’ll never touch meat or cheese again! We warn you that it’s not for the faint of heart.

7. Get a Vegan Buddy


Getting a vegan buddy can really be a blessing if you’re turning vegan. Having someone to trade recipes with and to talk about your vegan food and concepts will help with the transitioning. If you don’t have a buddy, you can try a vegan forum, there are plenty of people out there, who need a buddy or who want to be someone’s buddy.

6. Find Out Where the Best Vegan Restaurant Are in Your Area


Before you become a vegan it is very important that you find some vegan restaurants in your area. In case hunger strikes and you’re sick and tired of your own cooking or ordering in. One of the best tips for turning vegan is to find a restaurant that will deliver. If you do, you’ll never have to starve again!

5. Introduce Yourself to Vegan Cooking


If you enjoy cooking with meat and dairy, then you will love cooking vegan food. It’s less time-consuming and much less messier. If you’re new to cooking, start with some easy oven-based dishes, they’re easy and fast!

4. Don’t Keep Non Vegan Food in the House…


… if you live alone. There is no point in keeping meat and dairy in your house. When you’re just turning vegan, there will be times when you are tempted to eat non vegan products and if you don’t keep them in the house, you’ll have an easier time to resist. Don’t kid yourself saying that you’re keeping them for guests, you’re not.

3. Listen to Your Body


A cliché advice, we know, but when changing your diet, this tip will help you stay healthy. When the body is adjusting to a new diet/ lifestyle, you will experience cravings or something weird like an actual taste of a certain food in your mouth. If you’re craving non vegan food, try to find a vegan replacement. Let’s say you were a huge meatball fan, find a recipe that makes great vegan meatballs and you’ll never crave the meat ones.

2. Be Forgiving with Yourself


If you give in to temptation one time, don’t be too tough on yourself. Forgive yourself and you’ll see that things will only get easier. When you’re just turning vegan, there are still plenty of blurry areas, such as If I taste this and don’t swallow it, I’m still a vegan, right? In time, you will set your own rules and learn to live by them. Every vegan does things differently.

1. Don’t Try to Change People’s View on Diet


Alright, so you’re excited about becoming a vegan, you know it’s good for you and you think the world would be a better place if everyone else would be vegan. But trying to change people’s view on diet or veganism, while a noble thing, can be very exhausting. If you think you can deal with an endless amount of questions and constant scrutiny, then you’re one of the lucky few who can actually make a difference in the world, but if you simply want to eat your tofu and lead a quiet life, that’s OK, too. We can’t all be vegan spokespersons.

Did you enjoy our tips for turning vegan? If you’ve got any questions about turning vegan, we would love to answer them, so drop us a line in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you.