10 Tips To Have a Perfect Date

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Perfect date? These are some words a woman loves to dream about. Girls just adore to be taken on dates, and if it’s a first one, the excitement is fantastic. Still, even if you have a stable, long-time relationship, to have a date with your partner is something adventurous and romantic that can spice things up a little. Some men may be a little uncomfortable with dating, but let’s face it, some guys master this brilliantly, knowing perfectly how to turn a “dinner and a movie” type of date into a spectacular event. Still, women should know some things about dating, just to make sure everything turns out just right. So let’s see some tips women should keep in mind, no matter if we’re talking about a first date or just a spontaneous one with their soul-mate.

1. Rules

Meant to be broken, rules are still necessary, especially if this is the first date with a guy you like. Women should at least think about how far they are willing to go on a first date, although history proved the plan made home wasn’t always the one that was ultimately implemented. If you leave home set with the idea of sleeping alone in your own bed after the date and if you find yourself in the situation of not respecting this rule, at least be sure you won’t hate yourself in the morning. The idea is to do exactly what you feel like but without terrible consequences afterwards.


2. Find out who you are

But most importantly, find out who you want to be. Yes, we are talking about first impressions here and nobody tells you to lie about your real you. But let’s face it, we all fake it a little just to impress the other one. On the first date maybe it’s OK to keep some things only for yourself, as your partner will surely do, while still being honest about the important things that matter.


3. Show you are independent

When asking a woman out on a date, men usually are the first to take their wallets out. This is not a bad thing, as society indulges the “gentleman” behavior, but to show you’re not just an opportunist, you should at least make the gesture or insist you want to pay your part. He will not probably let you and it’s fine, it’s just that he’ll know you’re not in for the side benefits.


4. Be different

This applies mostly to those couples who have been together for a long while, but from time to time feel the need to change the scene a little and do something completely different. So you’re on a date with your partner? Surprise him! Buy a new dress, wear some sensual lingerie, change the perfume, add something he’s not used to much and you’ll see how he will act like an in love teenager, proud to be by your side and taking you home.


5. Get out of the comfort zone

Many couples settle in just fine and a night together usually means eating pop-corn, watching a movie and get in bed together. It is sweet and romantic, but why not try something new? It will be worth the effort. Surprise him by taking him out to a restaurant you just discovered by yourself, go to the theater if you know you both enjoy it or buy tickets to a game he’s dying to see. Happiness lies in the small things and to have a successful date, you should remember the things that used to make you both happy and just… replay them.


6. Take a walk on the memory lane

Again, couples that have a long term relationship often forget how good it felt back in the day. The flirting, the dating, the teasing… How about you go out on a date and revisit some places that bring back good memories or do some things you used to when you were still at the beginning? Reminding yourselves about the things that used to make you happy might spice up a little the night or the entire relationship.


7. Don’t mention your ex-boyfriends

As going back to memory lane may be helpful for some couples, for new couples and for first dates a long speech about how bad or how great were your ex boyfriends… not so good. Yes, if you didn’t spend your entire life in a cave, you surely must have dated at least once before and everybody assumes you did, so this is not the best conversation subject for the first third degree encounter. You have time for confessions later.


8. Take care with that outfit

Yes, women spend hours in front of a mirror just to get a perfect look on a first date. Surely, there are some exceptions, women who want to be taken as they are and don’t give much importance to the clothes or make-up, but still, no woman will go on a date wearing a worker’s dirty overall. So impression must be made, even if you go for casual, chic or trendy. About trendy… well… men don’t get fashion like we do, so bizarre combinations, even if we love them and are in fashion, may confuse them. Opt for something that really puts your body and face in value, without looking trashy or negligent and just don’t show everything you’ve got on your first. Elegant and sexy is one thing, porn star is another.


9. Enjoy the moment

No matter if it’s your first date or you’re dating your husband just for the fun of it, things may not turn the way you expected them. Maybe you come to realize you don’t like the guy that much. Or maybe both of you decide to go home and call in the night. Don’t get too disappointed and try to find something good in all of it. At least you’ll have something funny to tell your friends about.


10. Be subtle

Say you don’t like the guy at all. First date a fiasco and don’t know how to get rid of him faster? Don’t be extremely blunt with him, as you’d hate a guy to be utterly blunt with you either. So part ways and destinations in a polite yet firm manner and go on with your life. Who knows, maybe he wasn’t meant to be your future boyfriend, but who says you can’t remain at least buddies?



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