Height. A problem women have to face without the possibility of actually taking direct actions. Weight is a controllable issue and diet or not, sports or not, even surgery or starvation, there are still many options to eat better, improve your looks, lose the cellulite and so on. But not being tall enough can’t be solved with any diet or exercise, because basically nothing helps the body to grow a few inches, especially in adulthood. On the other hand, society shows women that they have to be tall and slim to be desired and no matter the voices rising to prove this wrong, a fashion model will always have those stunning long legs almost every woman dreams of. At some point, all average height women wished to be a few inches taller, just to wear a certain outfit or to feel better with herself. So… fashion tips and tricks will become a girl’s best friends and the good news is that there are more smart ideas out there than wearing black or becoming the slave of high-heeled shoes. A lot of short women look fabulous and they should be a role-model for all those who believe that only tallness expresses beauty. But nonetheless, there are still women who try to look taller and these are some tips and tricks for all of them to choose from.

1. Start with your own body













Don’t dismiss the idea of first improving your posture. Sports will help you keep your back straight up, keep your balance right and your chin up.  If you’re in shape and you walk and stand properly, you will naturally look taller. A good healthy posture will make a woman look and feel better.

2. Focus on your waistline




















Fashion experts recommend to choose those outfits that will focus attention on your waist and give the illusion of tallness. High-waist trousers and dresses may contribute to this effect, but they don’t always work, so be careful what to choose and when. Also, it’s better if you don’t use extra-wide belts that might section your body in halves.  Splayed, straight or even skinny jeans go very well on medium height women, but make sure they are medium waist and not low or very low, as the general effect will be actually the opposite. Wear colors in contrasts just so your torso stands out, as uni colors are more preferable.

3. Keep the proportions




















Short women usually avoid long dresses and skirts, as they believe they will make them look even shorter. This is not true, and a long dress will even hide the short and maybe chubby legs. But as proportions go, try to wear a long skirt with a short jacket or even a short skirt with a longer blouse or coat. The idea is to keep people’s focus on your upper part of your body and if the length of the two-piece outfit you choose is the right one, you will look taller even if you have short legs.

4. Avoid everything that is “in between”

















For instance, take your mind off three-quarter jeans. You either wear long trousers, or short trousers. And by short fashion designers grant us the option of trying shorts that stop right above the knee. We don’t have to look like club girls to look fine but we also don’t want to wear something that works against us. Also, “in between” also means that shorter women should go for a little bit more stretched tops, blouses, shirts, pullovers and so on. A large, comfortable sleeping T-shirt will cover the upper part, hide the waist and give an even shorter look to a woman.

5. Colors and prints



















We are already used to the fact that black makes a woman look thinner and taller and it does, but we cannot wear black for the rest of our lives. Women found out that monochrome outfits tend to give their bodies a sense of harmony and symmetry, not to mention that wearing only one color or at least very close nuances will confer them a more prolonged allure. As prints and embroidery go, everybody talks about the proverbial vertical lines, but again, we can’t walk wearing stripes all day. Prints come in different shapes and for shorter women, the trick is to choose the ones in small delicate patterns instead of large, powerful ones. Remember, it’s all basically an optical illusion and for that illusion to work, you need to give your body an elongated, slim attire.

6. Take care of that cleavage


















For medium height women, it is better to wear a little more cleavage, adorned with long necklaces, as they suggest long, thin shapes. It is not necessary to exaggerate about this, but to be careful in choosing a tight, rigid around the neck blouse or to wear a tie. Ties, on the other hand, look gorgeous on women but they should be carefully matched and never kept too tight around the neck. A V cleavage is all you need to draw attention to your neck line and thus look taller, while a circular tight one will cut off some inches of your general tallness.

7. Haircut














Yes, it is important and not because it is important for any woman, of any given height or weight, but because in short women it should make the neck and shoulders stand out. Long hair may not be the best option, while a medium cut or even a short, original one, will draw attention to the neck and face. Also, looked from behind, women who wear their hair long and loose will look shorter because of the visual illusion in play.

8. Watch out for the shoes






















This is the point where short women will sigh. High heels are a must and even if they managed over the years to get used to wearing them every day and in almost any circumstance, these women also get tired, also get muscle pains, also get swollen ankles and general fatigue. So the good news is that high heels are not the only option for women to look taller. The clothes’ rules apply in shoes too. A monochromatic neutral color shoe is preferable even if the heel is medium. Wear above the knee boots and avoid roman sandals, flats or shoes or boots that end right above the ankles. The stockings should match the shoes color just for an elongated legs shape.

9. Accessories

















Long necklaces are good, but not too long as in reaching your waist line. Don’t wear huge purses, even if they are comfortable and practical, a short woman might look lost under a ton of luggage. Scarves are alright, worn with their ends loosely floating around your body. Long earrings help a lot, and if we are here, let’s just say that long nails and a beautiful manicure will also do the trick, even if nails are not quite an accessory.

10. Nothing too large




















We already mentioned this when talking about blouses, but this goes for coats, skirts and trousers too. Keep your body tight. Many women fear that a pair of skinny jeans will make them look fat, but if you choose them in dark colors and match some heels to them the effect of long, slim legs is guaranteed. A tight skirt, even above-the -knee long, if the situation imposes it is far more better than a large one. This even goes for things you wouldn’t think of, such as tiny coat pockets versus large ones, or even tiny, sexy, on top of your head hats versus large shapeless caps.