More than a week ago we’ve compiled a list of unique sunglasses, and we thought: why not offer our public a collection of unique eyeglasses as well? Also known as spectacles or specs, this accessory, unlike sunglasses who are mostly used as a fashion extension, is necessary. However, this doesn’t mean they have to look bulky, unless you like it that way, so the creative eyeglasses industry is working hard on designing superb eyeglasses frames. The first pair of eyeglasses was created in Italy around 1286. It was initially believed that Salvino D’Armate of Florence invented them, but later this proved to be a false information. In addition, rumors that Marco Polo stumbled upon eyeglasses while traveling to China in the 13th century were persistent, but there are no recorded documents proving so. As a mater of fact, the earliest mentions of eyeglasses in China only appear in the 15th century. Enjoy our list and, if you find this list useful, do rate us.

10. Shuron Sidewinder



Starting our list of unique eyeglasses is this pair of Shuron Sidewinder. The popular Shuron company started producing quality glasses back in 1865, making it one of the oldest functional eyewear company in the world. They have a unique and unmistakable style that combines utility with the latest fashion trends. The frame is made of acetate plastic, and features a unique keyhole bridge. In addition, they can be acquired in different colors, such as black fade, crystal, demi amber, and ebony.

9. Oakley Servo Eyeglasses



Oakley started out with a motorcycle handgrip and quickly became one of the most appreciated sunglasses brands around. From there to producing eyeglasses was only a matter of time. This pair is best suitable for people with an active sport lifestyle. The frames are made of acetate, making them durable, light and flexible. The glasses come into different colors – polished black, earth brown, black brick, satin steel, and grey tortoise.

8. Oakley Whisker 6B



Are you looking for a pair of eyeglasses that’s as thin as it can get? Oakley’s Whisker 6B is a good choice – they are made of durable and lightweight C-5 alloy, being both practical and sleek. You can purchase them in different colors, from black to brown, and pewter to silver.

7. Tag Heuer Spring Rubber



Our list is not without a pair of Avante-Garde Tag Heuer eyeglasses that feature reflex, track and sport eyewear frames. They’re looking amazing while also being lightweight, comfy, strong, and affordable. Black-blue, black-red, havana-orange, and light-grey black are the colors available with this pair.

6. Takumi T9622



Handmade in Japan the Takumi frames are exclusively made of the finest materials, and manufactured to respect the highest quality standards. A magnetic clip-on is included with nearly any Takumi frame. In addition, their frames feature rare earth neodium lightweight and strong magnets. Available colors: dark red, black, lime green, navi, and med blue.

5. Easyclip EC 140



Just as Takumi’s frames, EasyClip uses rare earth neodium. In addition to that, the company was the first eyewear collection that marketed its patented magnetic clip. The magnetic connection achieved by EasyClip’s technology is ten times stronger than ferrous magnets. Colors available: Satin plum and silver.

4. Easyclip EC 150



And we present another product from EasyClip, with frames that combine plastic and metal together in order to create a truly chic pair of eyeglasses. The frame’s stylish design is available in shiny dark brown, dark red, and dark plum colors.

3. Ed Hardy EHO 704



Ed Hardy EHO 704 Eyeglasses feature a freaky, yet cool looking frame that encompasses your lifestyle. In addition, with every purchase you’ll get, free of charge, a lens protective coating so that you don’t scratch them, except if you opt for polarized lenses. Black, hazel, and olive are the available colors with these frames.

2. Dolce & Gabbana DG3124



When you say Dolce & Gabbana you say high fashion, trendy, design. D&G Eyeglasses are a perfect addition for the bold, fashion conscious consumer.  All frames produced by the established company provide a balanced mixture of eyewear quality and design. These frames are engraved with the D&G logo. Shall we mention that this particular model was worn by Brad Pitt?

1. Lafont Pivoine



Lafont eyeglasses are comprised of a full line of metal-inlay plastic frames. A dynamic mixture of creative designs and colors establishes Lafont’s touch for outstanding designs. Lafont Pivoine Eyeglasses is a perfect example of the combination between sophisticated and classic. Available colors: brown, purple, and red.

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