10 Ways To Spot a Moron

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Morons. We all met at least one. Admit it, ladies, it’s hard to find a good man. Of course, men complain it is twice as hard to find a good woman, hence the gender conflicts and the perpetual battle of principles. But we are not here today to discuss who is right or wrong and why, but to see if we can spot a moron during the first dates, so we can make the right choice about him. True as it may be, during the first date people usually are not so straight forward, keep some things to themselves, don’t tell it as it is and try to make a good first impression. So let’s say you girls were impressed by the first encounter and start seeing the guy on a regular basis. Now. There are some behaviors that can qualify a guy as a moron under 30 seconds, while there are others that fall into the “price of admission” category – and the reciprocity is also perfectly valid. Today we will sweep through ten of the most obvious signs that should warn a woman that the new-found guy may not be the best idea she had lately.

1. The self – centered moron

You’ll hear begin every sentence with “I am” and “I did”. Nothing wrong to be strong on the self-esteem part, but he should, in turn, be interested also in who you are and what you did. Guys who don’t listen or care about you but only want you to be their personal audience, not so great.


2. The intellectually superficial moron

Not every man or woman on Earth needs to have a Harvard PhD in order to have a partner. But! If he mistakes Hemingway for a football player or takes pride in never having read a book or seen a movie… Imagine what you’re going to talk about in the next six months. Nothing? Well…


3. The sexist moron

Compliments the soul out of you but admits to divide women in “hot” and “ugly”. You may catch him giving points and scores to the women he passes by. Praises his mother’s s chicken soup and believes no other woman can even raise up to his mother’s qualities. You don’t want to be points – scored, cataloged and put to shame just because you burnt the bacon.


4. The easily-bored moron

Doesn’t give any relationship any chance because he doesn’t want to commit, nor he can refrain from cheating his partner for more than a week. These are those guys who are known for cheating or for not having a decent stable relationship longer than a month or two. Whatever they are searching for, you may politely wish them to find together with somebody else. These Don Juans will charm a woman and dump her with the speed of a rocket and if he admits or takes pride in that, then you don’t stand many chances.


5. The abusive type of moron

He can be a charmer but you may spot him taking advantage or mocking those weaker than him, personally or professionally. If he admits he was a cool guy in school but by that he describes the behavior of a bully, chances are he is still a bully, only better dressed.


6. The violent moron

Far worse than the abusive type, this guy is always ready to engage in a physical conflict with no matter who or for no matter what reason, just to prove his manhood or to impose his personal justice. A violent man is something to avoid by all means and reasons.


7. The sex offending moron

Having a long term relationship and spicing it up with some… other stuff is one thing. Being asked on your second date if you don’t want to do a threesome or to film you during sex, it’s a whole different level. If you’re up for it, go for it but this type of moron actually is more interested in satisfying his own fantasies than is in your person so he may not be the right type to meet your parents.


8. The moron that takes you for granted

If you’re wearing a sexy dress it means you’re a slut and he can act on that assumption. If you like to cook, it means you’re a housewife and next thing you know he’ll call you to vacuum his carpets. If he acted like a moron once and you decided to move on that moment and still date him, he will act like a moron in no time, convinced you’ll forgive and forget just like the first time. People should not take each other for granted. Enough said.


9. The coward moron

It’s the complete opposite of the violent one. He’s the guy that will hide behind your back if a conflict emerges. He’s the guy who won’t stand up neither for you or for him and just take all the shit that life throws at him, afraid to not cross some imaginary line. He’s the guy that will never fight for his rights, never got promoted, never negotiated rent and never raised his voice to the abusive one who treats him like a doormat.


10. The moron who wants to be dominated

He will let you choose the restaurant, the movie and the place you want to spend the night in. Beautiful and polite, but pay attention if this behavior is a constant one, or a nice way to show you you’re choices and tastes are important to him. If he wants to make you happy, that’s great. If he just wants a mother or a baby sitter to tell him what to do, where to go, what to buy or what job he should apply for… it will stop being funny for a very short while.


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