Our houses and lives are full of incredibly useful things which we disregard, focused on the primary purpose they were produced for. For instance, a simple camomile tea can decrease the post – shaving irritation or calm sunburns on the skin, while sodas can help to clean our toilet bowl, so does toothpaste prove itself very useful in certain situations, and not just for keeping our teeth healthy and clean. So let’s see what other miracles can toothpaste make around the house.

1. Cleans jewelery

This is something you may have already known. Clean your silver, golden or platinum jewelry with some toothpaste and rinse carefully, even diamonds can gain their own beautiful shine back.


2. Vanishes ink or lipstick stains

Apply some toothpaste on these types of stains and rinse with care. Chances are you will get your clothes back just as they used to be.


3. Acts like a hand deodorant

If your hands smell as garlic or onion and you can’t take away the smell with simple soap, wash your hands with some toothpaste and use a lot of water afterwords.


4. Cleans the scratches on CD’s

If you use a non-gel toothpaste type to clean your CD or DVD, use a cotton pad and clean from the center to the margins. Rinse with water (but don’t let water flow careless on it!) and dry with an absorbing, non-abrasive cloth.


5. Polishes metal

Beside jewels, toothpaste can clean and polish metallic surfaces in your kitchen for instance. Stove, electronics, irons, door handles, they will regain their shine back after you thoroughly cleaned the with some toothpaste.


6. Cleans the sink like no other

You surely got bothered by the toothpaste stains and dried drops in the sink. But try use the toothpaste like a cleaning product. Wet a sponge and apply some toothpaste, then clean the sink like this. You will see not only it will shine brightly again, but you will kill a lot of bacteria and remove some unpleasant smells coming up from the pipes.


7. Brings back the white

We all love snickers and tennis shoes but we all hate when our white soles get dirty and somewhat grey. Clean the soles with toothpaste and they will look as good as new again.

toothpast_ use

8. Cleans the piano keys

Funny, but it’s true, your piano keys need to be cleaned also, and toothpaste will do the trick just fine, without secondary effects.


9. Removes odors

It’s not like it covers the odor with a hint of menthol, it actually removes them. Clean the inside of a refrigerator, knives, bowls or any cutting or slicing device or support, especially if you confront onion or garlic. If it is good for your hands, it is good for your kitchen supplies too.


10. Removes stains from furniture

You left a wet glass on your table and after picking it up, it left a white circle that bothers you. Don’t worry, there’s nothing a little toothpaste can’t fix.