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A woman’s wardrobe can be very expensive, especially as trends change from season to season. Fortunately, clever fashionistas know that is worth the money and what not. They make sure they have those basic clothing items in their wardrobe, then juggling them in order to create a chic, sexy, glamor, hippie, casual, office, club or party look. Sounds complicated? It’s certainly not.

Besides those essential items, fashionistas also buy trendy ones but already having a solid basic clothing knowledge, they can create outfits in record time, with less money. Here’s what clothes and accessories you should never ever miss from your wardrobe.

1. The basic white shirt

A basic white shirt without prints, with rounded neckline close to the neck, is an essential piece of clothing in the wardrobe of any woman. Combine it with a pair of skinny jeans or an A -shaped skirt and you’re ready to walk out the door. Whether you want a dressy outfit or a casual one, the basic white T-shirt will help you get out of trouble.

2. The dark skinny jeans

Even if you’re a girly girl, who only wears heels, skirts and dresses, dark skinny jeans are a must have item in your wardrobe. They are very useful when the weather is cold, but also when you want to dress casually. If your figure does not allow you to wear skinny jeans, go for the classic straight ones.

3. The fitted jacket

In your wardrobe should have at least fitted jacket in black or another color. The jacket can be worn over a soft silk shirt or even over a simple T-shirt for a modern look, ready in record time.

4. The Little Black Dress

What is the color you can always count on? Black. You cannot consider yourself a modern woman if you don’t have in the dressing room at least one Little Black Dress. This saves you from most situations, especially when you have to go to meetings.

5. The short skirt

A short skirt is another essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe, especially appropriate for summer. But if you combine it well with other pieces, you can wear even in winter.

6. The leather jacket

A biker leather jacket is very versatile, so you can wear with almost any casual or sport clothing items, but also with long silk dresses, short, high heels. Put it on the list of compulsory purchases, if you do not already have one in the wardrobe.

7. The trench coat and coat

The autumn- spring trench coat and winter coat are essential for every woman. Choose a trench coat and a coat that follow the body and are accentuated at the waist with belts or straps.

8. The high-heeled shoes

High heels are an essential accessory, even if you’re not often at events and parties at night. Just make sure you can walk with those shoes because there is nothing more embarrassing than a woman tripping.

9. The riding boots

Riding boots are very comfortable, can be worn with jeans or skirts and perfectly worn in winter.

10. The sports shoes

Doctors do not recommend wearing heels every day, so you need to have on hand a pair of sports shoes, comfortable and suitable for sport -casual outfits.

11. The printed scarf

The printed scarf is another accessory that you should not miss from your wardrobe because it can revitalize any casual attire, no matter how trivial it may be.

12. The classic bag

A classic bag with a rectangular design can be worn both for casual events and at the office, so make sure you add it to the list of must haves. Of course, it would not be bad if you had a crossover bag for when you want to wear lighter outfits.

13. The clutch

Gold, silver and sparkles with metallic accents, whatever it is, you must have it. The small and chic clutch defines your elegant evening attire, so make sure you buy yourself at least one.

So, how many of the items mentioned above you have in your wardrobe? Do you think there are other essential items we missed? Make sure you tell us by leaving a comment below.