There are a lot of wonderful things in the world. Some natural, some built by man. Modern architecture is usually found in contradiction with nature. Contemporary architecture, is in broad terms, the architecture of the present, and it is characterized by a simplification of form and ornaments, and an emphasis on the relation between what is built, the surroundings, and people. There are many things to consider if we want to understand how architecture evolved into what it is today, but to the untrained eye, what matters most is how the structure at hand is perceived. There are many beautiful buildings in the world. We present to you only a few.

1. Gaudi and Barcelona

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful town of Barcelona, be sure to visit Gaudi’s work. Antonio Gaudi is one of the greatest architects in the world, and his technique is one of a kind. The genius architect has left his mark everywhere in the city. His curvaceous and colorful facades, full of interesting mosaics  structures which defy gravity and surreal parks make Barcelona unique.

  1. The Longest Bench, West Sussex

An interesting outdoor furniture piece situated on the promenade of Little Hampton has attracted a lot of attention. The Longest Bench was imagined as a charm bracelet, and it is a gift to the town. The architects have thought about a lot of things like the Apollonius Theorem and Calligraphy  before coming up with this solution, and we must say that we like it.

  1. Dresden’s Military History Museum

The new Military History Museum is basically an aggressive juxtapose of avant-garde design and pre-modernist structures. These two directions demand a renewed emotional and intellectual response. The design of the museum creates an atmosphere which proposes the reconsideration of the past.


  1. Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway Architects

Mountain Hill Cabin is a seasonal residence dedicated to hikers and skiers. It is accessible solely by skis or sledge, and only during winter. The building is designed to support people and it offers incredible panoramas of the surrounding landscapes. The entire structure was designed to look as if it has emerged from the ground.

  1. Frank Ghery

Frank Ghery is one of the most successful architects in the world, and he is also the winner of a Pritzker Prize. His extravagant buildings are so unusual that they have become tourist attractions, and they are considered the most valuable of modern works. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Vitra Design Museum, and the Art Gallery in Ontario are only a few of his many masterpieces.

  1. Saint Frances Auditorium byDavid Closes

After 150 years of ruin, somebody finally decided to do something with the crippled Catalan Church of Saint Francis. In a last attempt to save the old church, David Closes converted it into a modern and interesting auditorium. Although he maintained original dimensions, he managed to integrate modernity in the historical context.

Amazing Photos of Modern Buildings (12)

Amazing Photos of Modern Buildings (25)

  1. Spark Architects, Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur

The renovation of Spark’s Starhill Gallery proposes the transformation of the previous boring, solid and unatractive building, into a series of welcoming public plazas. The structure offers shade for visitors, places of intimacy, and interesting angles. The materials used on the facade gently reflect the sunlight and allow the natural filter of light.

  1. ABCT Apartment no.1 Mahallat, Iran

This apartment project, built in Mahallat, where 50% of the economy is based on the stone cutting industry, is made from recycled stones. The use of stone on the exterior creates a subtle effect on the geometry of the project, which consists of facades with slight angles. The building has a warm texture, and manages to speak the language of modern architecture, while in the same time it blends perfectly in the existing cityscape.

  1. Bjarke Ingels Group

The BIG group is known for its bizarre, nontraditional and innovative designs which incorporate sustainable development ideas and sociological concepts. Some of the most breathtaking images of modern architecture have to do with this fascinating group, which never ceases to amaze. Since 2009 the group has won a lot of architectural competitions, and has grown in the eyes of the public.

  1. Other buildings

I have also posted photos of interesting modern and traditional buildings because I could not decide which building deserves this spot. There are so many interesting structures in today’s architecture that we cannot make a definite top 10, and if we were to do so, it would probably change in a few months.