chuck norris

Together with spring comes a feeling of wanting to celebrate new life, new beginnings and new perspectives. Also, March comes with the international celebration of Woman’s Day or Mother’s Day, a special moment to show women all over the world, be them mothers, sister, lovers and friends that we hold them always in our hearts and we have nothing but respect and love for them. Inspired by all the celebrations that come along with the first month of spring, we wondered if there are some celebrities we would like to show our appreciation to, and luckily for us, there are some badass celebrities we’d love to mention here. Why did we choose the badass ones and how did we pick them up? Well, they are either internationally famous, got established as trendsetters, cannot be overlooked or just show a badass attitude we love. They are actors or musicians or entertainment celebrities or sports celebrities and if you happen to be a fan, don’t forget to wish them “Happy Birthday! (or pay your respects to the ones who are not among us anymore)”. So let’s see 10 badass celebrities born in March and the reasons why they are still badass even today.

1. March 2nd – Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Now you see what we mean by badass, right? The newest (and most spectacular, cool and loved – or so the critics say) James 007 Bond is born at the beginning of March. You may love spring, but apparently Daniel Craig has more fans than spring itself. With an impressive filmography and we are not limited to the Bond series, Craig is a badass actor to keep an eye on in the future.

2. March 6th – Shaquille O’Neal

shaquille oneall

Shaq doesn’t need no presentation, not after he made a name for himself in American basketball and in international news years in a row. 3-time NBA Finals MVP and 4-time NBA Champion, Shaq managed to have success not only as a player but also as an NBA analyst, becoming a role model for many athletes in the field.

3. March 7th – Bryan Cranston

bryan cranston

Breaking Bad superstar is one badass actor and if you happen to have watched the series in a complete state of awe and a bit of terror, you know why Bryan is a badass celebrity that deserves to be celebrated by the entire world.

4. March 1oth – Chuck Norris

chuck norris

Badass celebrities born in March that became synonym with badassdom? Chuck “I was bit by a Cobra and after 5 days of excruciating pain, the cobra died” Norris, the god of action movies and the godfather of all superheroes. Enough said.

5. March 15th – Albert Einstein (tie with Michael Caine)

albert einstein

We should all be grateful to crazy genius Albert Einstein for shaping the world of today as we know it. His contribution to human evolution is so great it cannot be summarized in a celebratory article, nor explained in just a few lines. Suffice to say, we owe him many of this world’s breakthroughs in science. And we will also celebrate Michael Caine who is such a perfect actor, we cannot overlook his birthday either.

6. March 19th – Bruce Willis

bruce willis

If you don’t know why Bruce Willis is the badass of badasses it means there is something wrong with you. This individual who seems almost immortal and who got under the badass characters he played along the years so much he became his characters demands a Happy Birthday or who knows what can happen?

7. March 22nd – Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber

He almost invented the concept of entertainment and his own named star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is enough to prove it. Moreover, he was knighted by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to Music and he will remain forever in history for shaping the entertainment industry as it is, not to mention for blessing the world with masterpieces like Cats or Jesus Christ Superstar.

8. March 27th – Nathan Fillion

nathan fillion

Richard Castle is a very badass character but Captain Mal? “Bring Firefly Back” international petition, cries of desperation and riot? Does these ring any bell? Nathan Fillion doesn’t stop to impress us and if somebody would bring Firefly back, it would be nothing without him. Not to mention that he seems very entertained by the possibility of playing out of the box characters and his small role in Joss Whedon’s personal take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing shows that the man has a very special type of humor.

9. March 30th – Eric Clapton

eric clapton

Because Eric Clapton and because his music is eternal.

10. March 31st – Christopher Walken

cristopher walken

You cannot help yourself loving him and fearing him. Starring in over 100 movies, Walken is famous for his voice, acting skills, dancing and that almost psychopath look he blessed the silver screen with for so many years. He’s the kind of badass that can impress even in his sleep and his latest movies he showed that age and epic talent go hand in hand.

Here is a more comprehensive list of March birthdays of famous people, in case we missed to mention among our ten badass celebrities born in March one of your favorite entertainers, politicians or famous idols. Let’s wish them a beautiful, successful spring, year and birthday and may all live long enough to keep us loving them for years to come (maybe except for Albert Einstein, for obvious reasons, but don’t forget Michael Caine either!)