cool office gadgets

There is no need to further emphasize how gadgets make our lives easier. From the ones we use daily, like smartphones and tablets to specialized gadgets for camping, travelling, taking photos, partying and so on. Today, we are talking about a distinct category of gadgets, those used for the office. And we are not talking about your regular USB and massage chair meant to alleviate pain from all those hours sitting down at your desk. No, we are talking about gadgets that will actually make you want to come to work, just to be able to use them. So, here are ten awesome office gadgets.

1. George Foreman USB iGrill

The first utensil that you should not miss is the iGrill, which can be connected to the USB port. It is useful at the office when, after much work, a burger is welcomed. You can invite one of your office colleagues in a conversation and a cheeseburger.

2. USB humidifier

When the air seems too dry, you can go to your mini humidifier that makes air breathable! Specifically, the little gadget connects to a PC and produce a cool, wet steam using ultrasonic waves, thereby maintaining an optimum level of hydration. In addition, you can add aromatic oil for a working atmosphere as zen as possible.

3. Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser

This gadget will turn you into a regular Wolverine. If you are ready to break the record in typing or simply want to increase your productivity, this hand exerciser will help you improve your dexterity. It’s a perfect way to relax that could perhaps even help you reduce working time on projects. Only $29.99.


  • 2007 winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award
  • Rebalances strength and flexibility of the hands and fingers
  • Fully adjustable to nearly every hand size
  • Very effective treatment for tennis elbow and arthritis pain, too!

4. Echo Smartpen

In terms of design, this pen does not differ much from other apparently similar models. However, besides writing with it, it can record what you write or speak, so you do not miss anything. Afterwards, you can transfer notes and audio capture on your PC and the Wi-Fi version permits transferring all the date in a secure online account that you can access anywhere.

5. Office Wi-Fi Spy Camera

If you are worried about intruders, then this great gadget will make you feel relieved when leaving the office. It looks like a normal desk clock, but inside there is an efficient camera. This desk clock camera has built in WiFi, so that you can stream the video wirelessly to your computer, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android Phone. This camera requires no cables, because it has built-in secure WiFi capabilities, and can be viewed live from any PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, and can be set up to record to any PC on the network or even over the internet.

6. USB cup warmer

When it is hot in the office, a cold juice is perfect to keep you connected. But, unfortunately, the sensation of coolness does not last too long … because the room temperature will be sure to bring your drink to boil. Not to mention that hot drinks that cool when you’re dealing with various emergencies. So best use a heated or cooled beverage holder with USB that connects to the PC and is fully portable.

7. USB Heating Blanket

If you work in an office you share with someone, sometimes it can be a really hassle when it comes to adjusting temperature. Either you are too cold or the other person is too hot. For such situations, the USB Heating Blanket will prove very efficient. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep.

8. WMF1 Coffee Pad Machine

Though hot water is an essential factor to perfect coffee, it’s still not scientific to reheat the boiled water. The WMF1 coffee pad machine only heats as much water as enough for a single cup each time, solving the water problem.

9. Stress Buster

With or without these great gadgets, you are bound to feel stress at work. When this happens, the Stress Buster is all you need feel the desire to punch someone or something.

  • Great stress relief for the home or office.
  • Heavy duty spring bounces back for more punishment.
  • Durable to withstand any amount of executive venting.
  • Pump Included.
  • Great Gift Idea.

10. The key finder

If you are tired of trying to find lost items, this gadget comes in handy. If you lose your remote, keys, cell phone any other item, just push the button on the transmitter and the corresponding colored receiver will begin beeping! Its signal will penetrate through drawers, cushions, pillows, or even walls making it easy to find lost items.