dj in a box set party gadget

Virtual graffiti party gadgetIt’s common knowledge that, primarily, a party means fun, but when it comes to the person who is actually organizing the party, stress and hard work are always on the table. After all, you want for everything to come out right, have the guests entertained, nice food and good drinks, so that at the end of the night you will receive the “prize” for “perfect host”. Organizing a successful party can become less stressful if you keep in mind certain aspects. The secret of a successful party is proper organization, so basically you have a list with bullet points that must be checked in due time. Every detail is important, but if you ask any person who has attended at least one party in a lifetime, there are two things that make a party great: entertainment and good company. Although we cannot advise you on the latter, for the former we have some ideas for digital party gadgets that might come in handy.

With a bit of technology, any party can be transformed from “good” to “awesome”. So, here are ten cool gadgets for a night your guests will always remember.

1. The karaoke machine

There’s no party like a party with karaoke. In this situation, you can go two ways: either buy the karaoke machine (which is a pretty good investment on the long term and an entertainment source for years to come) or rent it. They come with all the necessary cables and wires, speakers, microphones and loads of song to sing with friends. Plus, as scientists have discovered, moderate drinking and karaoke help reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health. So, you are throwing a “therapeutic party”.

2. Virtual graffiti

Fotomasterltd – Virtual Graffiti is one of those digital party gadgets that really make a party fabulous, allowing for the creation of digital graffiti on a designated wall. And as the guys at Fotomaster ltd. say, virtual graffiti can easily become a major hit at every party or celebration, attracting the attention of everybody present. The working mechanism is simple: as you press the infrared spray, it emits an infrared light beam, which is tracked by the computer. The software converts the beam into an image that appears on the projector screen, creating a colorful drawing. You can share your graffiti via social media accounts, while enjoying a rich color palette and the cool air-sol spray sound effect. This is truly the “It” gadget for professional party planning.

3. The DJ in a box

The DJ in a box is one of those cool digital party gadgets you need if you are throwing a really big party, to celebrate a special event, like New Year Eve. Hiring a DJ may be an expensive option and the downside is that you don’t have much control on what is happening. But with the International Dance Party DJ in a box set, you are bound to receive everything you wanted in terms of music and entertainment. The cutting edge radar sensing technology, the ear blasting state of the art 600W sound system, tons of psychedelic light and laser effects, and even a professional fog feature make this gadget a stunning tech piece.

4. Electronic dartboard

Make sure you have some cool party games to offer to your guests, to get the competition going. The electronic dartboard is one of those cool gadgets any party needs, especially since it doesn’t cost that much. It has everything you need to start playing right away, including a set of two darts as well as extra tips, which will keep your guest entertained.

5. The robotic bartender

Using Wi-Fi interface, a digital brain based on a kind of minicomputer called Raspberry Pi, Bartendro will mix drinks from an array of user-supplied liquor and mixers. It comes in several sizes, with one, three, seven or 15 dispensers and the largest model can mix up to 45 different drinks. How does it work: guests use any device connected to Wi-Fi (smartphone, tablet) to order from the drink menu, but they have the possibility to adjust the drink size and strength.

6. The electronic music gloves

If you have some artists among your guests, they will love this next gadget. These electronic gloves allow you to make music, without using a musical instrument. Each fingertip plays a different note and the device includes eight different musical instrument tones. It has piano, bass, violin, trumpet music instrument tones and 20 kinds of built-in rhythms. Since it costs less than $30, you can easily afford to buy a couple of pairs and let your guests start a cool jam session.

7. Bobble head software

With this cool gadget, we can easily say that the guys at Fotomaster ltd are the true master of digital party planning. They came up with this unique attraction for parties, by creating something we all enjoy: bobble heads. The software allows you to take a photo of the person in question and then the gadget extracts the image and places it on a pre-made body doll. Fun!

8. Custom magnet printer

Personalized magnets are the cool party favors of the moment. All you need is someone who can take a decent photo of your guests and with the help of a dedicated software and a custom printer, your guests can take home a nice souvenir from an awesome tech party.

9. The finger laser beam

These cool LEDs come in four colors, red, white, blue, green and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The finger lights are great for parties, clubs and all sorts of events that take place at night. They are so easy to use (simply slip the unit to your finger and turn on the switch and you get a very bright LED light) and they make a great atmosphere.

10. The Gamerator

This gadget combines an arcade-style gaming machine with a kegerator to create the ultimate gaming-and-boozing device. The Gamerator has Windows XP platform with a 150 licensed classic pre-installed arcade games, plus a free one-year GameTap gold membership, providing online access to more than 1000 games. The Gamerator can hold a standard keg chilled and provides easy access.

Ready to start partying with these digital party gadgets? Which one would you choose for your bash, if money were not an issue?