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Ok, so you dream of playing in front of thousands, selling millions of records and get your name in the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame. You know in your heart that you were born to be a successful rock star. But just playing the guitar in your room while your mom is trying to watch her favorite TV show isn’t exactly the rock star decadent lifestyle that you imagine. But it’s a good start. It means that you can play an instrument. And in order to start a band, playing an instrument is a must. Even if that instrument is your voice. So for all you future rock stars out there, here are the 10 best ways to start a band.

10. Find band members

band members

Even if you play an instrument or you want to be the singer in your band, you will need band members. Usually in a rock band you have 1 or 2 guitarists, a bass player, a singer, a keyboard player and a drummer. For old school rock bands you just need 1 voice, 1 guitar, 1 bass and 1 drum. So to find band members you need to place an ad in your local newspaper, music magazine or music forums. You need to specify what genre you want to play and your musical preferences so that the ones who will see you ad will know exactly what kind of band members you look for.

9. Rehearsing place

band rehearsing

After you found your dream band members, you will need a place to jam or rehearse the songs you already have. If you don’t have a high budget to make your own rehearsing space, like in a garage or the basement, very well sound proofed so that the neighbors won’t call the police on you, there are always rehearsing spaces that you can rent per hour, per day, etc. You share the expenses with your band mates and that way the costs will be low.

8. Demo

demo tape

After you rehearsed very well and you have 2-3 songs put together that are tight and ready to be played, you can record a demo so that people will get a taste of what you sound like. The recording doesn’t have to be professional. You just need a computer and some microphones.

7. Social Media

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Next step, make a Facebook page, cause if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t really exist. Have a friend take some nice photos of your band and put the songs you recorded also. Other great music platforms are bandcamp, soundcloud, revernation, etc.

6. Concerts

big concert

Now that you’re on Facebook, you need to make the big move and have your first gig. You don’t have to be nervous. If the rehearsals go really well, a concert is like a rehearsal with audience. You need to focus on your songs, play well and the autographs will come pouring in. To get a gig you need to talk to your local clubs, maybe send them a demo first so that they know what you guys play. Or, better yet, if you know someone that is in a band that has had concerts, talk to them so you can play as an opening act at their next concert.

5. More concerts

concert band in club

In order to achieve a fan base, you need lots of exposure. Play wherever you can at first so that people will get to know you and invite you to play in their clubs.

4. Album

recording studio

A young band reaches the next level after they released an album. And to record an album you need some money. Once you have 10 songs, pick the best ones that really represent you as a band and choose a studio to record it. There are lots of recording studios out there, so it won’t be too difficult to find one. Some are more expensive than other, but it all depends on your budget. After you record the song, you need to mix and master them. You can do that with the recording guys or you can send the songs to other people that are specialized in this.

3. Promotion

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After you recorded the album, send it everywhere you can: in clubs, give it at your concerts, send it to labels, production companies. You never know who will really like it and offer you a record deal.

2. Tour

tour van

You need to promote your album and the best way to that is to play it in concerts. Get a van and start touring. Establish the gigs in advance so that you play a concert every night, and tour your area and then your country. The more gigs you play, the more people will know about you.


band manager with guitar

All famous bands have managers. A manager takes care of the practical side of things like finding gigs, talking to record companies and labels, promoting you anywhere he can, so that you can concentrate on writing great timeless pieces of rock’n’roll.

These are our best ways to start a band. Any stories you would like to share?