Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Awesome NYC Art Museums

New York City is the most crowded city in the United States, the city that never sleeps, the "Big Apple" and, most important, the backbone of global commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, entertainment, technology and education.

10 Awesome Salvador Dali Prints

Salvador Domènec Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis de Púbol, also known as Salvador Dali, was a highly-regarded Spanish surrealist painter.

10 Awesome Graffiti Canvas Art

Although still illegal in some parts of the world (if not most of them) Graffiti is considered a form of art, as it dates back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

10 Highest Statues in the World

Highest statues in the world were lifted to serve a serious purpose, as their impressive size and the huge amounts of money spent on it talk about the significance of the characters which reached such overwhelming proportions. They were destined to make a deep impact upon people and they do their job.

10 Great Fine Art Landscape Photography Examples

In the era of digital cameras and smartphones with lots of megapixels to their built-in cameras, fine art landscape photography is hard to come by.

10 Weird Paintings by Sergey Tyukanov

The paintings of Sergey Tyukanov are rich in colors, in characters, in details, delightful the eyes from the first sight. Each work is like a little world, where people live upon different rules. Proportions are not respected, surrealism is the most important concept and traces of the Russian customs and traditional costumes may be spotted without much difficulty.

10 Art Masterpieces That Were Stolen and Never Found

A work of art is a treasure that must be carefully conserved for the benefit and knowledge of future generations. We all know that. However stolen masterpieces are reported every year. Some of them are recovered by the effort of the authorities, who do not give up searching no matter what.

10 of the Most Beautiful Castles in the World

Castles are one of our favorite things on Earth. Here are 10 of the most beautiful castles in the world.

10 Mysterious Regions on Earth

It is the nature of man to widen his horizons and conquer uncharted territories. But even in this day of modern exploration and technology, there are parts of our home planet that still defy some explanation. It's too bad that humans don't live long, really. Because we could use some explanation regarding the following places.

10 of the Strangest Museums in the World

What does your local museum show? The typical old jars and weapons of centuries past? Perhaps you have a museum that houses vehicles, watches, and other treasures considered to have historical significance. These places are educational and big hits among young and old alike. But then there are museums that are not focused on general scientific, historical, or artistic values. The following are great examples. These are places with collections to specific and strange that skipping them when you're in town will be something you will regret.