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10 Male Characters from Books You Will Love

Books help shape personalities and offer new perspectives on the world. There are those wonderful books that captivate you and take you into their...

10 Memorable Quotes from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones became over the years more than a novel, more than a successful TV show and more than a brand. George R. R. Martin created a real cult, gathering followers from all the corners in the world, waiting, hoping, craving to further adventure themselves in the universe of their favorite characters. But today we will take a journey back to Martin's world, evoking ten of the most memorable quotes in the first novel
10 Theories To Change Your Perspective On Classic Books

10 Theories To Change Your Perspective On Classic Books

If we would be discussing George Martin's "A Song Of Ice Of Fire" we wouldn't be surprised talking about game changing theories. With so many...
Books to Read in 2018

10 Books to Read

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to read more, here are ten awesome books you should consider reading next year. You will...

10 Lesser-Known Facts about the Twilight Books

Since the latest and final installment in the Twilight film saga, Breaking Dawn, has just recently hit the silver screens, why not update your trivia knowledge on the books that made the hugely successful film franchise possible?

10 Cheap Books For Toddlers

It is said that childhood is the most important part in anyone's life, and exercising your kid's imagination is a must.
fantasy books

10 Fantasy Books Worth Reading

Due to all the technology surrounding us, many people choose to spend some quality time playing a video game or watching a movie rather...
Best Book Series

Top 10 Best Book Series

Who says that people nowadays don’t read anything anymore? True, maybe they don’t necessarily read what was written centuries before our time, but isn’t...
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10 Love Quotes Written by Science – Fiction and Fantasy Authors

How does science-fiction or fantasy deal with emotional matters? Let's take a look to some beautiful quotes about love and relationships that famous SF&Fantasy writers shared with all of us in their books.

10 Reasons why 50 Shades of Grey is an Offence to Women

Could have been that Fifty Shades of Grey might have presented the connection between Christian and Anastasia somehow unhealthy for women? When analysing the relationship...