Sunday, October 1, 2023

The World’s Best and Weirdest Jobs

We all know the feeling of sitting at work completely bored while we flick tiny pieces of paper at our bosses back and wonder...
having trouble with Finances

Five Signs You Are Financially Overextended

  With as much credit card and student loan debt the average American has, it's no wonder so many people have lost their homes to...

10 Best Excuses for not Going to Work

Sometimes, you really need an excuse for not going to work. Whether you planned to relax for a day in the company of your partner or you just not feel like going, after the wild party you threw the night before, there are days when you are not in mood to get up from bed. This is why I brought you this list of best excuses for not going to work:

10 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees

All companies and teams need talent, quality, competence, productivity, innovative spirit, creativity and leadership to successfully face this economic context. It seems more appropriate...
Wireless PResentations for meetings

Top 10 Reasons to Use Wireless Presentation Systems during Important Meetings

Presentations are important investments of time and effort for both the employees and the management in charge of leading the direction of the conference....

Top 10 Ugly Celebrities

The world is full of ugly celebrities who probably gave nightmares to many children in the world. They are the living prove that money can’t buy everything.

10 Rules about Negotiating Your Salary

Even in the most difficult economic period, salary is negotiable. When a company offers you a job, it is clear that it has removed...

10 Reasons Why We Cannot Attain Our Goals

With the multitude of philosophers or self-improvement experts in all types of press, it is incredible how many times a day we are advised...

10 Tools To Start Your Own Social Network

If you're looking to start your own social network and, who knows, one day become number one, here are ten tools to help you out.
people at job interview

10 Things You Should Never Say during an Interview

It's tempting to go to any job interview, in the shortest time, but any mistake can cost you that chance. Regardless of how confident...