Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Sources for Allergies in Your Home

Do you have problems with allergies? Well, you better be careful. Sources of allergens like mold, dust and animal hair can be found in...

10 Ways To Improve Your Brain Functionality

Our brain is our command center, the motherboard and the processor of our entire system. If our brain is suffering, we will too, both psychologically and physically. On the other hand, we also envy those who seem to be "smarter", not knowing that we could too exercise the basic elements of cognitive functionality, such as attention, memory, problem solving skills, multitasking and so on. We may not reach the point when we could perform brain surgery or study rocket science, but we could definitely improve our abilities, thus contributing to our general state of well being. So let's see ten of these tricks to make our brain work better.

10 Ways To Use Toothpaste Other Than The Obvious

Our houses and lives are full of incredibly useful things which we disregard, focused on the primary purpose they were produced for. For instance, a simple camomile tea can decrease the post - shaving irritation or calm sunburns on the skin, while sodas can help to clean our toilet bowl, so does toothpaste prove itself very useful in certain situations, and not just for keeping our teeth healthy and clean. So let's see what other miracles can toothpaste make around the house.

10 Ways to Meet and Socialize with People Online

Sometimes it's easier to meet people online. Why is that? First of all we spend more and more time on the computer, and as...

10 Tips for Relaxing at Home

After a hard day at work the best thing you can do is come home and relax – maybe some Dead Sea salts in...

10 Useful Tips for Quitting Smoking

Whether you’re trying to quit smoking by using a cheap electronic cigarette or by going cold turkey, you need help, that’s for sure. Quitting...

10 Best ‘Quit Smoking’ Tips

All smokers, their friends and their relatives could do with some good, down-to-earth 'quit smoking' tips.