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As you may already know, we all love to travel and to try new foods every time we get the chance, as we are indeed foodies and people who wouldn’t say no to something new, be it a new destination or a new dish. And since we know we have a bunch of followers who are just as enthusiastic about travel, experiencing with new cultures, blending in new landscapes and traditions and finding the best street corners to spoil their senses (and their curiosity) with local foods and culinary delights, today we will once again travel around the world and see the best 10 cities to travel to for ultimate culinary experiences. Inspired by gourmands on Forbes Magazine, and having our own insights on the matter, join us in the discovery of the most interesting places to go to for some culinary surprises.

1. Mexico City, Mexico

mexico city

It is true that you can find exquisite Mexican food in your American city of residence, if you know where to look, but let’s face it, there is no place like a crowded street in Mexico City to satisfy even your most pretentious tastes in fresh and local – made food. You can find fresh chevice, tacos, cotija, burritos and all sorts of culinary wonders, usually prepared, squeezed, fired or boiled before your eyes and drooling mouth. It’s a symphony of colors and flavors, tastes and smells and if you are a foodie, you won’t want to leave Mexico City no time soon.

2. Split, Croatia

split croatia

Now this country is amazing as a touristic travel destination in its own rights, but beautiful landscapes are not the only things this place can offer. For food lovers, this is the place to be if you want to try fresh fish (captured 5 minutes ago) and grilled in front of you, traditional dishes, such as topli sendvič (hot sandwich), local sausages, burek (pastry – pie filled with the most delicious blends of cheese, meat and even vegetables), fruit ice – creams and cakes. If you are a food lover and Croatia wasn’t on your map yet, it better be soon.

3. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain

Visiting Barcelona should be something to do once in a lifetime and there is no need to emphasize on the cultural and historical richness of this place. But Barcelona is also among the cities to travel to for the ultimate culinary experiences, as you will find not only exquisite street food booths serving you traditional Catalan dishes, a wide variety of sea food, fish, cheeses and sausages, but you can also experience luxurious restaurants which made the city famous.

4. Sousse, Tunisia

sousse tunisia

If you want to try some really special food, then Sousse, Tunisia, is the place to be, not only for its blue waters, beach and all – inclusive travel deals, but because you will return home with a few pounds more. The street booths and the Medina are the places to try Tunisian merguez sausages, Tunisian cous – cous with lamb, tagine, tabouleh salad, not to mention shwarma, kebabs and all sorts of grilled meats.

5. New York, U.S.A


Well, they say you can find anything you want in New York and delicious food is among all the wonders of the city. Either you want to try Chinese food, Mexican food, European food, or want to challenge yourself with some true American burgers, New York is the place to be. After all, some say that if you don’t want to leave the country and still take a food trip around the world, you can easily do that in New York and still be on a budget.

6. Paris, France

paris france

Paris is famous for…. well, everything, and if you are taking a step back and consider France as the ultimate altar of gourmet cuisine, Paris would not be the first choice, but Lyon or even the more secluded countryside towns and villages, where the cheeses are fresh, the wines are old and the people know exactly what fruits go with some types of smoked meats. But Paris is the capital of pastry, by excellence, and if you always dreamed of wandering around the streets, taking a seat in some sweet bistro and enjoying a freshly baked croissant, Paris is the place to be.

7. Palermo, Italy

palermo italy

As food goes, Italy is one of the best places not only to visit, but to move to. However, Italians appreciate slow cooked and slow eaten food, as they do enjoy a friendly gathering around a table loaded with the most exquisite of dishes. So just as the guys from VirtualTourist cited by Forbes Magazine admitted, it’s surprising to find such a wide variety of street food in Palermo. Let’s not forget that this is Sicily, however, and a part of Italy where people do enjoy their food as well as their climate, so pizza and local specific dishes are literally available at every corner. So while you’re enjoying your stay there, make sure you try the arancini,  crocche, panelle, and cardoni.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

bangkok thailand

Say all you want, but there is no Thai food like in Bangkok. This is the capital of Thai street food and even luxury food found in restaurants, but if you are the type that roams the streets driven by flavors, smells and the looks of the dishes, this city may hold you willingly prisoner for days in a row, as it needs time to even begin to wrap your mind around the local dishes with odd names that will entice your senses and tantalize you beyond reason.

9. Lima, Peru

lima peru

There are a lo of things to see, do and learn in Peru, but if you are a foodie and you’re interested in the cities to travel to for the ultimate culinary experiences, Lima is the place to be, not only because of the street food, but because of the restaurants, cafes and bistros serving you traditional dishes, fresh products and amazing combinations of flavors and tastes. Maybe this article on National Geographic can explain better why Peru is one of the hottest spots on Earth for a supreme culinary experience.

10. Tokyo, Japan

tokyo japan

If you think that sushi and fish – based dishes are the only food attractions in Japan, you’d be wrong. Besides the most famous fish market in the world that is said to serve the best sushi in the world, Japan can offer you a complete culinary experience, from the multiple Michelin starred restaurants, to the booths and stores that almost hypnotize tourists with their traditional, local, impossible to pronounce dishes and specialties.

We are sure you know many other cities to travel to for ultimate culinary experiences, but these are our best picks so far. We’re of course being open to suggestions and if you have a good lead, we’re ready to pack our bags and experiment with new aromas and combinations of tastes and textures.