Cooking Mistakes Even the Best Chefs Make

Even if you’re not a beginner in the cooking business and you’re handling yourself in the kitchen, there are some minor mistakes you might still be doing. But don’t worry about it: even the best chefs in the world make mistakes, so no need to panic. Everything has a solution. Here are top 13 cooking mistakes even best chefs make.

1. You think you can replace garlic with garlic powder

Wrong! If you want to give your dishes taste, use garlic and no other substitutes.

2. You do not use butter in the cooking process

There’s a reason why food tastes intensely in the restaurant and that is butter. Professional chefs use it in full, and the food they make has a much stronger flavor.

3. You boil pasta in a pot too small

If you do not want to have fluffy or rubbery pasta, it is very important to boil the pasta in a large bowl. Do not squeeze them.

4. You do not wash dishes as you cook

And that is what slows you work in the kitchen. Not to mention that you wake up at the end with a mountain of dishes in the sink, that will spoil the whole mood.

5. You do not wash the herbs very well

You must do this very carefully, every time. Do you want land or creatures in your salad? We don’t think so.

6. You mash the potatoes with an immersion blender

And it gives it a sticky consistency, unappetizing. Mashed potatoes must be fluffy.

7. You burn the garlic

Garlic is quite delicate, you have to be very careful how you cook it. Once it burns, do not expect anything more than a bitter taste.

8. You clean the professional knives in dishwasher

Do not do that, it takes less than a minute to wash. Treat them with the attention they deserve.

9. You use poor quality oil

You cannot do that and still have claims regarding the final taste. Oil is the basis for any food flavor, so invest with confidence.

10. You neglect the spice compartment

They help you cook better and get delicious tastes. Use them often.

11. You stir food constantly

Many of those who cook food stir all the time, even though the recipe did not specify this. This is very often a mistake because continuously stirring food, which implicitly assumes lifting the lid of the pan or skillet or opening the oven door, lowers the temperature at which food should be cooked to reach the desired taste.

Such a procedure not only delays the process of cooking, but the food quality decreases because with steam coming out of the pot, out go the flavors of the food, and the temperature it needs to be done. That does not mean you need to leave food unattended, just follow the steps provided by the recipe. Also, if the recipe specifies that during preparation you must constantly stir the food, then do it, but not all the time.

12. You stubbornly follow the recipe’s exact time, though the cooking itself says something else

This error refers to the fact that many of those who cook follow the provisions of the recipe strictly, although they observe what happens in the cooking vessel and that tells them something else.

Therefore chefs urge people entering the kitchen to be careful mostly with what happens in the cooking vessel, because a time of 15 minutes, provided by the recipe may lead to burning food.

13. You are placing food in transparent containers

There are certain foods that oxidize in the presence of light, one of which is milk, which loses its vitamins when coming into contact with light, thanks to a process called photo – oxidation. This process also affects foods that are based on cereals.

The best solution to prevent oxidation is storing products such as milk or cereal-based in cardboard or dark glass containers in areas where they have no way to make contact with light.