forked tongue

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. People are free to do everything their heart and mind desire with their body. While for some, body modifications can be truly disturbing and terrifying, for others this may be real works of art. Some body modifications can seem harmless while others take a lot of courage to make. Some are indeed a threat to your health. We showed you some of the classic ways to use piercings.  Now it’s time for the total opposite of classic. We have gathered some of the most extreme body modifications method out there, but be warned, do not try this at home.

10. Forked Tongue

forked tongue

This body modification procedure involves splitting the tongue down the middle to make it look like a reptile’s tongue. There are many plastic surgeons who won’t do it because the tongue is a very sensitive organ and by modifying it, it can affect the taste buds, risking to remain without any taste in your mouth. It can also affect your speaking abilities.

9. Ear Pointing

ear pointing

This body modification is mostly done by fantasy fiction fans. It’s supposed to make your ears like that of an elf or other mythical creature from, let’s say, Lord of the Rings. So if you really want to have Gandalf’s ears, this might do the trick.

8. Extraocular Implants

extraocular implant

Also known as the “eye-bling”, this procedure is done by injecting different substances, usually platinum allow, under the cornea. Most popular eye jewelry are: hearts, euro signs, musical notes or star signs. It was first done in 2002 in Netherlands.

7. Eye Tattoos

eye tattoo

This somewhat disturbing and health threatening body modification involves injecting ink between the conjunctiva and sclera layer that protects the eye. Although it can cause blindness, this one is procedure is very popular amongst the fans of body modification.

6. Corset Piercing

corset pierce

Considered by some very sexy, this extreme body modification is not for the faint of heart. It is associated with fetish and BDSM culture and it implies piercing the skin of the back multiple times and running a ribbon through the holes of the pierces to make it look like a corset. Because it heals very slowly and it often gets infected, this body modification is usually used as temporary.

5. Saline Implants


Also known as the “bagel head” this body modification is quite popular in Japan. It involves injecting saline liquids underneath the skin on their foreheads. The saline then builds up, creating a reservoir where the thumb is then pressed into, creating the “bagel” look. The effects only last 24 hours since the saline is quickly absorbed into the body.

4. Spikes Implants

spike implant

Transdermal skull implants involve metal spikes stuck into the skull, obviously and it should make you look like a robotic T-Rex. It is originally derived from the punk hairdo called a Mohahwk. Talk about getting by the metal detector.

3. Scarification

scarification tattoo

Inspired by the rituals of the tribes in New Guinea, this body modification procedure has been done for centuries. It is done either as a tattoo without any ink, or in more extreme and painful ways like branding the skin with hot steel. After it’s healed, it remains on the body as a personalized scar.

2. Subdermal Implants

subdermal implant

Subdermal implants are the latest trend in extreme body modifications and it involves having a Teflon or silicone implant introduced under the skin. This process is also known as a “3-D implant” or “pocketing”. Popular subdermal implants include shapes and forms like stars, silicone balls, different objects.

1.Body Suspension is one of the most extreme body modifications

body suspension

Body suspension involves suspending the human body by temporary piercing made right before the suspension process. After that the body is raised from the ground by special fishing hooks. It is usually popular in the BDSM culture as a form of performance art.

Other extreme body modifications include teeth sharpening (a procedure done to make the teeth look like animal or vampire teeth), yaeba (the deliberate misaligning of the teeth to give it a crooked appearance).

What do you think? Fascinating or repelling? Do you have any extreme body modifications done?