Fitness Accessories for Exercising at Home

Do you prefer to work out by yourself, at home, or at the gym with a trainer beside you? Of course, going to the gym is always the best options, but what do you do what you don’t have the time to go to the gym or you simply don’t like to sweat in public? Home work out it is! While it is true that many people easily give up an exercise routine (because there is no one to push your limits and encourage you), there are several inexpensive items you can purchase in order to make your home work out experience seem more professional. So, here are ten fitness accessories to buy.

1. Fitness ball (fitball)

One of the most effective and fun training tools is the fitness ball. Used both in gyms and at home, this type of ball works all muscle groups, toning our body and improving our posture. Initially created by a therapist in Europe for medical reasons, a fitness ball is today used in recovery and aerobic exercises designed to shape the body. You should know that a fitness ball’s size must be chosen based on their height, as follows: 1.50 m – 45 cm, 1.60 m – 55 cm, 1.70 m – 65 cm, > 1.80 m – 75 cm.

Here are some of the main benefits of a fitness ball:

  • Works all muscle groups
  • Alleviates back pain, especially in the lumbar and cervical area
  • Recommended to people who spend long hours on the chair
  • Improves balance
  • It can be used in gymnastics, recovery, Pilates, Yoga etc.

2. Weights

Most women who go to the gym regularly deal exclusively with cardio training and even shy away from lifting weights for different reasons. They avoid this type of exercise because they think they will gain weight, or is it just something about the preferences of each – maybe thinking that there is nothing feminine about weight training. Here are some of the most important benefits that these exercises can bring you

  • Lose weight by melting fat
  • Strengthen your muscles, bones and connective tissue (increases the stability of the joints)
  • Have a strong body
  • Accelerate your metabolic rate

3. Fitness mat

If you are planning exercises on the floor, then you need a fitness mat. It will protect your back while you are comfortably doing your exercises.

4. Door pull up bar

These are simply great: they will give you a hell of a work out (you can train your core ever so good), they are inexpensive and easy to install on any door. It’s like having a professional gymnastics ladder in the comfort of your home, without having to wait in line to use it.

5. Hula hoop

Sport and fun at the same time, hula hoop does not require a gym subscription and it gives you the best plan to exercise at low intensity. In addition, it suits every age group. You only need one circle to burn 300 calories in a half hour. Here are some of the benefits of hula hoop:

  • Strengthens the back
  • Sculpted thighs and waist
  • Works back muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases body flexibility

How do you choose the right circle

You can benefit greatly from hula hoop exercises if you choose the right size circle. Careful with the weight: a lighter circle is harder to rotate, so the effort is greater.

6. Multi trainer

A multi trainer is a device that is working on the principle of involving the muscles, using your own weight. The system consists of straps that can be easily attached to the door. The ends of the straps are fitted with soft grips for hands and feet. The main advantages of a multi trainer is the low cost, high efficiency and small size.

7. Balance cushion

A balance cushion is very useful for balance exercises and aerobics. This device helps develop coordination and movement, and strengthen muscles. It also helps relieve stress, muscle tension and training balance. Not to mention that it helps eliminate back pain and joint pain. With strings, you can do more exercises for upper muscles. Depending on the air in the flask disk, you can increase the difficulty of the exercises.

8. Jump rope

Half an hour of jump rope and you will burn about 500 calories and you will have fun at the same time.

Benefits of jump rope:

  • It makes you more agile, helps your posture, balance, reflexes, endurance and physical coordination
  • Strengthens the heart and if practiced daily it can prevent many heart diseases
  • Strengthens muscles and bone
  • It tones the legs, abdomen, chest, back, shoulders and arms
  • Whether you choose to jump rope in the morning before breakfast or in the evening (at least 3 hours before sleep), this exercise will make your appetite go away


9. Gloves

Whether you are working with weights or with a jump rope, fitness gloves will protect your hands and will allow you to really get a good grip.

10. Push up handles

These portable handles are all you need to works the muscles of the chest and the back, as well as your arms and shoulders.