Foods to Eat All the Time

Diets, weight loss, weight gain… you name it. But behind this obsession to look good, people are forgetting an essential aspect: being healthy. For this reason, we wanted to remind you that being healthy means eating right. So, here are some food you should eat on a regular basis.

Foods to Eat All the Time

1. Natural yogurt

Full of enzymes and good bacteria for the stomach. The healthiest way to eat it is simple, mixed with blueberries, seeds or honey. Or all three.

2. Chickpeas

Easy to cook protein sources found in cans. Not only they are useful in curry, but make great salads or humus.

Foods to Eat All the Time

3. Oatmeal

Cheap, nutritious, full of quality carbs. Greatly help digestion. The easiest ways is to serve it cooked with warm milk (porridge). I personally am a big fan of porridge for breakfast, mixed with berries, almonds a bit of honey.

Foods to Eat All the Time

4. Whole grain pasta

Full of fiber and minerals, whole grain pasta is prepared in the same way as regular pasta. They taste a bit more pronounced, more intense, just because of the nutritional ingredients.

5. Avocado

It is a food full of healthy fats, excellent for healthy hair, nails or skin. Very versatile as well.

Foods to Eat All the Time

6. Herbal teas

An excellent alternative to black tea or coffee. Excellent for digestion. The best ones are green tea, mint tea, lime blossom tea.

7. Natural water

Yes, natural water is a very useful food. Food and energy is the key for the proper functioning of the body. If you want to keep control over the amount of water consumed daily, at the beginning of the day, fill a 2-liter bottle and at the end of the day and see how much you drank from it.

8. Eggs

A complete source of protein. Cheap, easy to prepare. The healthiest methods are either boiling, poached, scrambled with a little olive oil.

Foods to Eat All the Time

9. Coconut oil

A superfood we have read about a lot lately. Helps burn belly fat, increases energy levels and it is produced mainly in Thailand. Use it for cooking, but it’s also highly recommended for cosmetic treatments (hair, makeup remover etc.).

Foods to Eat All the Time

10. Chili peppers

You have no idea the wonders chili peppers can make on metabolism and in terms of burning fat. Add them to all you favorite meat meals, in salads, in homemade chocolate desserts. A really awesome flavor.

11. Honey

Provides energy to the body, strengthens the immune system and it is an excellent replacement for many chemicals drugs. In the morning it is excellent spread on a slice of toast, or as a sweetener in tea (but not in hot tea). I constantly use honey when making lemonade at home.

Foods to Eat All the Time

12. Turkey

It is the natural fat -free protein. A good substitute for chicken or ham. Marinade the meat for it to have an excellent taste in the end.

Foods to Eat All the Time

13. Frozen yogurt

A great alternative to ice cream. Take natural yogurt, mix it with what you want, what you prefer, then dump it in the freezer. When you have cravings for ice cream, then remove from the freezer.

14. Cereal bars

Made of many kinds of seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, cereal bars make a great snack.

15. Brown rice

Full of fiber and healthier than white rice. It is true that it cooks more slowly than white one, but some types have the same cooking time as the white one.

Foods to Eat All the Time

16. Lemons

A lot of people drink a cup of hot water in the morning with a squeeze of lemon. It’s a great start for the proper functioning of the body.

17. Seeds

Especially flax and pumpkin are the healthiest. A new fashion appeared with chia seeds, but they are still not found everywhere and are relatively expensive. Consume them either plain or mixed with yogurt or oatmeal.

Foods to Eat All the Time

18. Sweet potatoes

Full of intense antioxidants and beta-carotene. Boil, mashed, baked, they are delicious no matter how you prepare them. If you think they are too sweet try to mix with the sweet potatoes with regular ones at first. I use them either in cream soups, mashed, baked potatoes, classic or with parsnips root.