If you are an aspiring musician and you’ve followed our tips on how to start a band, then you need to stick around for a bit. Being a musician is not an easy thing. You have to spend thousands on musical instruments and other music related stuff like rehearsing room, travel, and touring. If you’re lucky, you might find some groupies that will help you carry the amplifiers. But usually the musician does it all unless you become famous.  Then, you’ll have plenty of people who will want to swarm around you. Until then, here are 10 great apps for musicians.

10. GarageBand

garageband app

GarageBand is one of the most popular music apps and it offers plenty of functionalities at a very low price. It has a recording studio. You can plug it into a MIDI controller and you also get dozens of instruments to play and record with.  GarageBand can be connected via Wi-fi or Bluetooth and play along with your friends.

9. Music Studio

music studio app

Like the name says, this one is like having a miniature music studio right on your smartphone. You get plenty of instruments in a studio setting and all you have to do is create. Music Studio app has sequencer features. You can edit tracks, add effects and download a cool range of musical instruments while expanding your sonic universe.

8. Hokusai Audio Editor

Hokusai Audio Editor

On our list of great apps for musicians we need to talk a little about Hokusai Audio Editor. This super app lets you record multiple tracks, copy and paste them on different sections of the tracks, and add different effects and filters to your songs. The base package for this app is free and you can also purchase extra features like time stretching, modulation, reverb, grain synthesis, etc.

7. ThumbJam


This cool app was specifically designed for iPad and iPhone and it’s basically a virtual instrument. ThumbJam turns your smart mobile device into an instrument. You can use your thumb up and down the screen and make different sounds.

6. DM1 Drum Machine App

dm1 drum machine app

This one is especially for drummers who want to practice and don’t want to disturb the entire neighborhood by bringing the drum set in their bedroom. The DM1 app is a drum machine that is far cheaper than a real one and you with it you also get a step sequencer, a song composer and a mixer.

5. Animoog


If you’re a music and a gadget lover you must have heard about Animoog. If you’re into synthesizers, than you probably have this on your iPad. Animoog includes waveforms from the classic Moog oscillator. You’ll have a lot of fun exploring all the sounds from it. You can use it with a Midi controller and be a real DJ at your parties.

4. AmpliTube

amplitube app

This is one of those great apps for musicians who want to transform their smartphone or iPad into an effects processor. Although it doesn’t really replace your concert gear, AmpliTube is a great practice aid especially if you’re a travelling musician. This great app also comes with a tuner and a recorder.

3. InsTuner


InsTuner is a chromatic tuner that will help you with any stringed instrument. It features standard frequency gauge and a fixed note wheel. You can use it to tune your guitar using the microphone of your smartphone or you can plug the guitar into your iPad. The app also features a tone generator that will help you tune by ear.

2. Pro Metronome


Any musician needs a metronome. It helps them keep the rhythm and it also helps when you’re playing in a band or record an album in a studio. The Pro Metronome app is a basic metronome that will help you set the time signature and use it in the background while you rock your own version of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

1. TEFview


This is a tab library that features MIDI playback with speed control. It’s a great app for guitarists who deal with guitar tablature. You can slow it down while you’re learning a song and speed it up once you play it well. TEFview lets you print the tab and share files using the WI-FI connectivity or mail it to friends as an attachment.

This was our list of great apps for musicians. Do you use other apps for making music? Please share with us in the comment section below.