kidney stones

How many times did you complain of “not feeling well” or having pains and aches in your body, discomfort sensations and troubles that you chose to ignore or to treat by the ear with some pills you have around the house? Even if some of these daily discomforts come and go without you turning into a hypochondriac and go to your doctor’ office every time you think something is wrong with your health, this doesn’t mean you should ignore recurrent signs your organism throws at you, begging for you to take the appropriate measures. Sometime ago we have discussed about ten types of headaches that commonly bother people, their main causes and the concerns they rise, but today we will take a look on a broader area of health signs you should not ignore. You know what they say, prevention is the best of cures and if you feel the subject of persistent similar problems, maybe it’s time to make that specialist appointment you delayed for so long.

1. Back / Spine Muscle Pains

back muscle pains

Some of the most frequent pains confirmed by people, these pains can act like short, painful spasms or a long – term, persistent pain with a slow debut but a long life span. They are probably caused by some nerve damage, as the nerves can be chipped by your vertebrae or vertebral discs. If the pain radiates to your feet, you should probably consult a specialist in a timely manner and avoid physical efforts and exercise.

2. Shortage of breath / respiratory problems


If you feel often like all the air in your lungs became extinct without you even making efforts or exercises, this may be a warning that there is something hidden in your system. It is not unusual for adults to develop allergies or asthma, so if the problem persists, you should see a doctor right away. If the breathless moments are accompanies by coughing for prolonged periods of time, it is mandatory to see a specialist.

3. Insomnia


One night of insomnia is not a major issue, as it can happen to anybody, but if it persists, even if you can’t fall asleep at night or wake up as tired as you went to bed, some medical and even psychological advice is recommended. You may be dealing with high levels of stress, anxiety or depression or your organism suffers from imbalances that need corrected. Long periods of insomnia lead to severe metabolic, mental and physical problems, so you should do something about it very soon.

4. Sleep apnea

sleep apnea

This is a common affection that usually gets mistaken for insomnia, as you may wake up exhausted even if you think you slept all the necessary hours. Sleep apnea means shortage or absence of breath for mere moments during sleep but with a high frequency of occurrences in the same night. Sleep deprivation and sleep problems have long – term negative effects over the general health, so if you suspect yourself of apnea, medical control is mandatory.

5. Frequent colds and flu


Everybody gets a cold or a flu once in a while, but if you just got sick and tired of always having to use nasal drops and take medication because you are always manifesting cold symptoms, it means your immune system is quite vulnerable. Among the health signs that you should not ignore, this one is probably the most obvious, as it begs for you to strengthen your immune system.

6. Indigestion, gastric acidity and stomach pains


We are very well tempted to ignore these signs. Everybody can suffer from an indigestion and you can hear somebody every day saying they don’t feel so great because “there’s probably something they ate”. While large numbers of people accuse digestive problems, gastric acidity, stomach pains and so on, few know that these discomforts have multiple causes and a lot of negative effects, so becoming aware of the problem and taking care of it is the best approach.

7. Lumbar, pelvic and abdominal excruciating pains

kidney stones

Differential diagnosis in these types of pains necessitate a lot of medical investigations, as pelvic and abdominal pains (not to mention the lumbar ones) can be caused by entirely different factors and triggers. However, if these pains persist and incapacitate you for days, you may be experiencing kidney stones or imbalances and you should immediately see a doctor.

8. Cramps, bloating or constipation


Some people are more sensitive to intestinal problems and frequently face cramps, constipation or bloating. While there are natural treatments available which can solve the problem of your vulnerable intestines, a doctor’s appointment can save you from future troubles as these may be symptoms to far more serious illness and even if we don’t want to scare you, cancer is something to fear any time.

9. Skin marks and moles

skin problems

Skin issues are commonly overlooked and ignored, but they shouldn’t. If you have the clear image of your body developing moles or spots, marks and scars at an alarming frequency, it’s time to go to the doctor. Even if you can measure the diameter of your moles and still feel safe as they are small in size, their frequent apparition may speak of other imbalances you should know about.

10. Acne

adult acne

While commonly associated with teenagers, adult acne can signal hormonal imbalances or even ovary cysts in women, so if you notice that your worst face years have suddenly came back with no apparent reason, a visit to the dermatologist may clear the air and guide you to the proper treatment and cure.

Chronic pains, discomfort and hidden illness symptoms are┬áhealth signs you should not ignore, especially if they seem to have conquered your life and well – being. There are many others and, even if being paranoid about every little pain is not quite recommended, it is also safe and wise to go through a complete medical check – up just to make sure.