There is no doubt that the iPad is a very useful gadget, mainly due to its size. Located somewhere between a laptop and a smart phone, tablets are a great tool you can use whenever you want in order to stay connected with the world.

Apple’s App Store is full of very expensive iPad applications. Fortunately for users, most praised applications for iPad are free and offer excellent functionality and are worth trying. We all know that Apple tablets are very cool and useful, but without the right applications, your iPad turns into another gadget you don’t use, that takes up space and attracts dust. But with these apps from the App Store, you have the possibility to customize your gadget so that it offers you all the you need on a daily basis, whether we’re talking about concise information, entertainment or simple functionalities that store your files better. And the best thing about these apps is that you don’t have to pay a cent for them. I guess it’s true what they say: the best things in life are free.

So, here are ten must have free applications for the iPad, which use the maximum potential of the Apple tablet.

1. Wikipanion

Wikipedia has become for many users the perfect site to go to for answers. The official application lacks in qualily, but Wikipanion shows Wikipedia content in an intuitive and well organized way. It even includes the ability to put bookmarks to certain sections of articles read.

2. Flipboard

One of the most praised iPad applications, Flipboard deserves all its fame. With an excellent GUI, this free application for iPad turns your favorite news sites into a magazine, but also includes connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, for the user to find out what is new in one place.

3. OPlayerHD Lite

One of the most verstatile free video players, OPlayerHD Lite is compatible with most video formats and includes compatibility files for subtitles. 720p MKV content requires strong resources, so is only available only for iPad 2 and newer versions.

4. Pulse News

The best news app, Pulse can collect all the RSS feeds in one place and is a perfect companion for Flipboard for organizing content on numerous sites in an intuitive way on the iPad.

5. StumbleUpon

An application that does not let you get bored, StumbleUpon gathers the most interesting things on the web, you probably have not heard elsewhere and it can make you make excellent recommendations based on your areas of interest.

6. Kindle

One of the applications optimized for Retina Display resolution offered by the new iPad, Kindle eBooks manager is a lot more versatile than native iBooks applications. It allows the user to recharge the iPad library in any format.

7. ShowYou

The best app for video content on the web, ShowYou gathers in the same place clips published by friends on Twitter and Facebook, along with feeds and channels totaling 50 million clips manually selected, to avoid congestion of bad content from YouTube.

8. Evernote

Optimized for the new iPad, Evernote is the most praised and productive app, which will not disappoint.The cross-platform application allows you to take your notes on any gadget, that you will later find on the Apple tablet with an excellent search engine.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox cloud service gives you access to all the documents loaded on the tablet and advanced sharing options. The newest version allows access to videos uploaded to Dropbox folders through 3G connection.

10. TED

The entire collection of TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is available on the iPad with a graphical interface that looks great and is easy to use. When you have time to “waist” on the Apple tablet, TED opens up new horizons and makes you think without getting bored.