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Yes, we know it’s only October but we want to be prepared when the holiday season arrives. We want to share with you 10 awesome homemade Christmas gift ideas. The best part is that you can adapt these creative and unique ideas for any occasion, whether it’s for your mothers, fathers, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, Valentine’s day, a friend’s birthday, your kids’ or your friends’ anniversary, these gifts will bring authentic joy to everyone. These gifts are so easy to make and not expensive. Everyone can make them and be someone’s Santa. This Xmas let’s try to make our presents, not buy them.

10. Personalized Wood Hangers

diy wood hangers

Everyone needs wooden hangers, right? Men, women, dad, our favorite teacher or our coworkers. One of the easiest homemade Christmas gift ideas is the personalized wooden hanger. They are very cheap and you can personalize it any way you want. Be it with the person’s name, the style of the clothes or the season when the clothes are worn. I made my mom a few of these wood hangers last Christmas and she absolutely loved them.

9. Kindle Cover

diy kindle cover

If you are a proud parent of teenagers and they love to read, this Kindle cover will surely make a good gift idea for Christmas or any other holiday, Easter let’s say. Your teenage boys and girls will love these cute covers and the Kindle will stay scratch-free. They are easy and very fun to make.

8. Handmade Pillow Covers

diy pillow cover

If you like to sew, one of the best and easiest homemade Christmas gift ideas is a DIY pillow cover. If you have an old sweater you can make a beautiful and cozy pillow cover and give it to your loved ones. Your parents, grandparents or your best friend will definitely appreciate it. It’s a great gift for adults as well as your little ones.

7. Instagram Coasters

instagram coasters

You have a lot of great Instagram pictures on our smartphone and don’t know what to do with them? You might want to reconsider their purpose with one of our favorite homemade Christmas gift ideas, the Instagram coaster. There are a lot of websites, like Pinterest where they show you step by step how to make them. You have Instagram pictures of your parents’ 40th anniversary? Turn them into these lovely coasters. You have plenty of unforgettable shots from your wedding? Turn them into Instagram coasters. Any photo from your bridal party will look awesome and it will always remind you of those great moments. The photos from your daughter’s graduation will look super cool as a coaster, too.

6. Hand Printed Apron

homemade handprint apron

Your grandma is the best cook in the family? Make her a lovely hand printed apron with all your loved ones hand prints on it. Or you can make one for your baby or for your dad if he’s into food making. Their honest appreciation will definitely warm your heart.

5. Gift Basket

homemade christmas gift ideas

If you want to give someone a cool gift why don’t you try making a gift basket yourself? There are plenty of basket types you can choose from and you can fill them with gifts according to the occasion. For your Valentine you can fill it with chocolates and a nice bottle of wine, for a housewarming party you can put all kinds of house related items in it. It will make a great gift for your grandparents’ 50th anniversary or for your daughter’s bachelorette party. You can fill the gift baskets with goodies for a secret romantic dinner or give one to one of your favorite teachers.

4. Smartphone Cover

diy smartphone cover

Everyone has a smartphone, but not every smartphone is protected by a cool handmade cover. You can make this and give it to anyone who owns a smartphone. It’s fun to make and any smartphone will look great in one of these. There are plenty of cover models you can choose from, be it a simple white cover or a funny pink one. Your teenage daughter will definitely love it and will spend every minute with her phone (oh, wait, she already does that, right? J)

3. Handmade Headbands

handmade headband

One of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas is the DIY headband. It’s the perfect accessory for any girl who loves to be stylish and unique.

2. Homemade Bath salts

homemade bath salt

Nothing compares to a hot bath after a long day, right? You can now make your own bath salts and give them to your loved ones. It’s very easy to make and inexpensive.

1. Gift Jars

gift jars

One of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas is the gift jar. Buy an empty jar or big bottle from your local store, get some sticker paper and print labels on them to make a cool packaging. Fill it in with different gifts, depending on the occasion.