green tea oil

When it comes to maintaining our health and natural beauty, there is nothing better than the wonders nature already made available for us. Maybe you don’t trust your grandma’s recipes of home made natural masks (although we presented you with some spectacular home – made facial treatments before), blends and mixtures for the face, body skin, easy feet or greasy hair prevention, but even if we live in a highly developed technological world, many women return to the basics of ancient beauty and cosmetic treatments and many started to take very seriously the idea of making their own lotions, masks and cremes, using natural plant extracts, essential oils or downright fresh fruit and vegetables. And because we all have to welcome spring and summer looking fresh and healthy, let’s see together 10 natural oils that do wonders to your skin. However, before jumping at buying all the bottles and mixing all the ingredients, have a chat with your dermatologist to tell you about allergenic risks and potential side effects, as you should use these oils in accordance with your skin type and its needs.

1. Coconut Oil

coconut oil

One of the most precious oils in our list, the coconut oil has a hydrating, nurturing, smoothing effect on your skin and is also recommended for children. Its exotic flavor is makes it one of the most favorite natural oils used at home or in the cosmetic industry and because it has multiple uses (with positive effects over your hair too) is also one of the most frequent used oils by women all over the world.

2. Jojoba Oil

jojoba oil

There are few cosmetic products that don’t incorporate jojoba oil in their overall mixture and this is mainly because jojoba oil is highly recommended for greasy or mixed skin, proving itself to be efficient also for women with dry or normal skin. It offers sebum control, eczema reductions and wrinkle management, while it refreshes the skin on your face, neck and cleavage, regenerating and nurturing it.

3. Hemp Oil

hemp oil

Don’t think anything bad (or dubious) about it before you try it. This is an interesting oil which is described as being rather dry, but containing a special mixture of essential fat acids that do wonders to the skin. It regenerates the skin cells, refreshing them and has important benefits for the hair too. If you want to try this at home, you can add it to home made creams and serums which work any season to keep your skin hydrated.

4. Avocado Oil

avocado oil

We will never cease to praise the extraordinary features of the avocado and its oil has incredible properties too: it helps the young skin to regenerate from acne and acne marks, while it helps the old skin to protect itself against age spots. It hydrates the skin and can be used also for the scalp, the neck and cleavage area, as well as for its anti – cellulite properties.

5. Blackcurrant Oil

blackcurrant oil

If you have some experience with blackcurrant – based cosmetics and even drinks or gourmet foods, you know they don’t come quite cheap, but in the cosmetic industry, blackcurrant oil is a precious and valuable ingredient. You can find it in its essential oil form and is highly recommended for mature skin which needs regeneration and nurturing.

6. Sweet Almonds Oil

sweet almonds oil

This one is among those natural oils that do wonders to your skin and which shouldn’t miss any winter home -made treatment for skin, body and hair. It regenerates dry or damaged skin cells and hair and it protects and deeply hydrates the skin. It has a calming effect on cold dry hands and it is used also for massage therapy, make – up removal, wrinkle reduction and dark circles relief.

7. Olive Oil

olive oil

Of course it couldn’t be overlooked in this list and even if you consume olive oil in your regular dietary habits, don’t forget to use it for its curing and healthy properties. Olive oil works even better if combined with other natural oils to take care of face or skin issues such as dry hands, wrinkles and dark circles reduction, skin hydration and nurturing and so on.

8. Borage Seed Oil

borage seed oil

This is a more serious oil, if we can say that, as its high concentrations of γ-linolenic acid (you’ve heard about when viewing cosmetic commercials) recommends it for more than beauty treatments and hacks, but also for medical – related skin issues such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and neurodermatitis, although it is used to produce medical products to cure a wide range of affections.

9. Babassu Oil

babassu oil

You may have heard about it, but in case you didn’t, this oil is a good contender for the coconut oil, and it seems it can successfully replace it, as it has basically the same properties and a wide range of uses, from the food industry to the cosmetic one. It prevents dehydration and premature aging of the skin, and confers the skin a natural health and silk – like effect. It is also recommended for dry and damaged hair treatments.

10. Green tea Oil

green tea oil

Green tea has multiple benefits on our health no matter how we choose to use it and its effects on our skin are visible even if we treat it with simple plain green tea infusions. However, the green tea oil is a precious natural oil, exotic even, used in the cosmetic industry and home – made treatments that cover not only the skin, but also hair and nails due to its anti – aging and protective properties.

Basically, all natural oils have healthy features on the skin and body, some addressing dry or greasy skin, other having multiple effects on hair, body and even cuticles. No matter which of these ten natural oils that do wonders to your skin you choose, make sure you will get the most out of them.