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In you daily activities, there are a lot of short exercises you can do in order to maintain your muscles toned, even if you do not have the time for a regular workout. Learn how to combine daily living activities with a little physical exercise for a firmer silhouette. It’s easier than you can imagine.

So here are ten one-minute exercises you can add to your daily activities.

1. Slow down your movements

It has been proved that if we slow down are movements, we muscle endurance is more solicited. So, you can move in slow motion and get the best put of your toned muscles. It’s the same principle with tai chi: the slower your movements are, the better you will have control over them.

2. Works your buttocks while waiting

When you’re waiting for the bus (or any other means of transportation you use) or while you’re waiting your turn in a queue, get used to doing exercises for your buttocks. Tighten your butt, then release it and repeat this exercise for the duration of waiting. It’s so easy, especially when you are sitting down, because you use your own body weight in the process. While watching a movie at the cinema or working on your computer at the office, you can include this type of exercise and nobody will know.

3. Turn annoying advertising during your favorite show as a pretext to work out

Nothing can be more annoying than stopping your favorite TV show or movie with advertising breaks. Use this time to do exercises for the arms and upper body as you wait for your show to start again. Resume the exercises in next advertising break, but this time focus on different muscle groups.

4. Exercise your balance

Anytime you can find a few minutes, stand on foot then switch to the other, while keeping your eyes closed. Thus you will work out your buttocks muscles and legs, while improving your balance at the same time. You can do this while cooking dinner, or again, during an advertising break.

5. Squeeze a medicine ball

There are many stressful moments in our lives, but fortunately, we can resort to different ticks to get rid of such moments. Let your nervousness in the “hands” of a stress ball, which you can squeeze whenever you are feeling stressed (or not) and work out the muscles in your arms at the same time.

6. Take your daily dose of vitamin E

A study conducted by the Tufts University in Boston confirms that people who take vitamin E on a daily basis during a period of three months, obtain more muscular endurance. What are you waiting for? It’s just a small pill with no side effects on your health condition.

7. Exercise while talking on the phone

During the endless conversations on the phone, most of us do not perform any other activities, because let’s face it, a conversation can be distracting. You are not able to perform tasks in Excel or write an article while talking on the phone, but you can easily exercise. Get up and work out your leg muscles, by doing twenty squats. Control your breathing so that your phone partner doesn’t suspect anything.

8. Strengthen your neck

After long hours spent at the office, headaches and neck pains feel “at home”. To prevent this, put your hand on your forehead and push your head with all the power you have in your hand then repeat the same exercise with the chin and temples.

9. While above the sink…

When you are brushing your teeth, this is the perfect time to do a little bit of exercise. In front of the sink, begin to move your hips from left to right and vice versa. A great way to tone your torso.

10. Climb the stairs in your benefit

You’ve definitely heard that climbing stairs helps you stay in shape, but in order not to get too tired, start slow and increase both your speed and rhythm of respiration. Results will not fail to appear.

As you can see, introducing some form of exercise in your daily routine is very easy. Don’t get as wrong though: these exercises will not build a huge muscle mass or help you lose weight, but they will definitely tone already acquired muscles. So, don’t waste any time: start your one-minute exercise today!