Photo App for Smartphone

Whether you are a keen photographer, often investing in the acquisition of advanced cameras or just an enthusiast who wants to capture snapshots from time to time on the phone, now there are available a range of apps that can transform the picture you capture in unique images.

Here are some of the most popular apps dedicated to photos taken with various mobile devices:

1. Instagram for Android

If the Instagram fever has not yet captured you, maybe now’s the time! This is one of the most popular innovations in photography, being basically an application that has managed to reinvent itself or, rather, to democratize photography. With Instagram, users can apply various filters to the pictures taken with a smartphone or tablet and then you can quickly post it in different social networks. The application has many users because it is very easy to use and works very fast.

If initially it could only be found in the App Store, since last year is has been made available in the Android system as well. In only 22 days after launch, the Android application reached one billion downloads.

2. First Camera

In principle, First Chamber was designed as an application for those who have children. This application helps to separate and protect media content from your iPhone when your phone is used by children, allowing them also to save and edit separate small masterpieces.


Once you install the application, the screen will have a large visible button that children can use to take pictures.

You can limit the number of photos that can be taken by children and in this way avoid situations where memory is too full.

Children cannot delete images already saved in the files on the iPhone and have no way to publish media content previously stored on social networks or send them by email.

When you open a photo gallery on your device, you will find there only your own images, photos of children being saved separately.

It’s not likely to have valuable information deleted from the phone, the app limiting child use only to documents created by this application.

The app offers filters that can help with editing color. Also, text can be inserted or funny stickers.

3. Fuzel

Unlike other applications designed to make photo collages on the iPhone, Fuzel comes with a collection of 36 preset patterns for collages with different layouts and sizes. You can configure individual patterns that you can use to accomplish various collages using “cut”. The good news is that they recently launched a free version of this application.

4. PicView

PicView is an iPad app that allows users to add audio and text comments to images, films and business applications. The application is currently only available for photo files. After you have added audio commentary, you can apply various filters similar to Instagram, possibly choose a frame and add a title. The image can then be published on Facebook, Twitter, or can be sent via email.

5. Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is a collection of filters that simulate imperfections of old film cameras. Having a large number of such filters, the application will keep you busy for quite a while editing your favorite photos.

6. GroupShot

How many times did you try to take a group photo and someone was keeping his eyes shut? With GroupShot you can select people from different frames and then join them in a group photo where everybody’s is looking where they should.

7. Camera +

An application that should have come as default in iOS. The application improves every aspect of the iPhone camera, the exposure and focus to stabilizing or 6x digital zoom.

8. Aviary Photo Editor

The guys at Aviary ported their web application to the Android platform. Photo Editor is very easy to use, from automatic image enhancement to a customizable set of tools.

9. Tilt Shift Camera

A very interesting application that uses six different filters for “tilt shift” shooting mode. What is this? Very simple. It is a landscape photographed from above which seems to be a toy world. Try taking a photo of your street from the apartment balcony in broad daylight.

10. SuperPhoto Full

If you have time to spare, try this application. It comes with over 600 filters you can add to photos.