pandora popular music streaming apps

Try to imagine what life would be like if there was no music. We know. We don’t even want to imagine such a horrible scenario. Music is a part of our lives, whether we just listen to it or play in a band. Music can touch the soul in ways no other art form of can. Since technology is more advanced than a decade ago, we can listen to music right from our phones. You just need a smartphone and an internet connection to install an app and you’ve got yourself an entire collection of songs. Here are 10 popular music streaming apps that are essential if you love music.

10. Spotify

spotify popular music streaming apps

On our list of popular music streaming apps Spotify hits the spot. It is one of the most popular music apps in the marketplace. For a nominal monthly fee, you get unlimited access to a large variety of songs, artists, genres, albums and playlists.

9. Rdio

rdio popular music streaming apps

Spotify has a serious competitor when it comes to popular music streaming apps. That competitor is Rdio and it comes with mostly the same features. You install it on your mobile device (Android, iPhone or iPad) or you can listen on desktop applications like Windows or Mac. It’s got a huge selection of songs and you have a free trial period to decide whether you want to pay the monthly fee or not. We say go for it.

8. Pandora

pandora popular music streaming apps

Pandora is one of our personal favorite music apps. It’s a free radio that you can personalize depending on your taste in music. Download the app on your Android or IOS device and start enjoying your favorite songs. You can also upgrade it to Pandora One so you won’t have any ads interrupting the listening sessions.

7. Songza

songza popular music streaming apps

Songza is a free music streaming app that offers a variety of playlists and channels to listen to on your mobile device or on the web. It “learns” your musical tastes depending on what songs you like and suggests songs that match your previous “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” songs. It also recommends music depending on the time of day, day of week, if you’re at work or if you’re enjoying your weekend off.

6. Grooveshark

grooveshark popular music streaming apps

Grooveshark is a groovy music app that lets you pick the music you want to listen to for free. There is also a paid subscription that takes away the annoying ads. However, if you don’t want to pay $10 a month, you can very well enjoy the free version just the same.


lastfm popular music streaming apps is one of the oldest music streaming apps and it used to be the most popular radio services on the Internet (before music streaming apps were created). It’s still great and it offers a great selection of music, recommendations and band info. We’ve discovered a lot of great bands using and so can you.

4. MOG

mog popular music streaming apps

Another great choice if you’re into music streaming apps is MOG. It’s free to use and it has an impressive music library of over 16 million songs. Many prefer MOG to Pandora and you can also listen to it on the web.

3. Rhapsody

rhapsody popular music streaming apps

Rhapsody is one of the most popular music streaming apps that you should definitely install on your phone. It’s only $10 per month and it comes with a 14 day free trial.  It’s got a large selection of songs to listen every day.

2. Slacker Radio

slacker radio popular music streaming apps

Slacker Radio gives you the possibility to create and share personal playlists with your friends through your phones or via the web. The Slacker Radio library has more than 8 million songs so there are many great songs and musicians to discover every day.

1. SoundCloud

soundcloud popular music streaming apps

This popular music streaming app is a bit different than the ones listed above. Instead of listening to popular artists that you hear on the radio, with SoundCloud you can listen to tracks from unsigned and aspiring  artists. It’s a great way to discover new indie artists before they become famous. And there are a lot of hidden gems out there, trust us.

These are our top ten music streaming mobile apps available. Which one is your favorite? Any other music apps that should be on our list? Please share with us in the comment section below.