kim kardashian smokey eye tutorial

Whether you’re going to a concert, a gala or you just want to go out shopping and you want to look a little more glamorous than usual, a smokey eye makeup will definitely do the trick. How do we know if a smokey eye tutorials for beginners on YouTube is better than others? Which one should we choose? The dramatic smokey eye, the Kim Kardashian smokey eye? Which smokey eye tutorial should we watch if we have green, blue, brown or black eyes? We want to make it easier for you and show you the top 5 smokey eye tutorial in 2018.

5. Classic Smokey Eye Makeup

classic smokey eye

This is an easy, step-by-step tutorial for achieving that classic smokey eye effect without overdoing it. Whenever you want to create a smokey eye makeup you need to know that less is more. The secret behind a tasteful smokey eye is to apply a darker shade of eyeshadow sparingly, apply lighter colors like grey, silver or a subtle gold over the lid and put the darker shade of black in the crease. After you’ve applied it, use your blending brush to smudge it and to soften all the colors. The palette you can use for a classic smokey eye can include black, gray, navy, plum and light eye shadows like silver and gold. After that you must use the same smudging technique to with a cotton swab or a precision eye brush. In the corners of the eyes you can use metallic silver or even white for a cooler effect, in contrast with the dark shades. The use of brighter colors will also give the effect of wider eyes.

4. Colored Smokey Eye

colored smokey eye

If you’re looking for a smokey eye tutorial, but with a tint of color, you’ve come to the right place. This smokey eyes tutorial is very similar in technique as the previous one, but the colored version will look perfect for a daytime look, being more natural and all. In order to keep that smokey eye effect you need to use shadows that are similar in color, like navy, greens, dark purple or plum. If you have hazel eyes, the green shades will look perfect on you. You need to choose two hues of the color you agreed on. First, spread the light color on the whole eyelid. Then, use the darker shade and make a V-shape in the outer corners of your eye. You can use a shadow sponge to do this to keep the color rich and opaque. Then you need to use a tapered brush to blend the darker color from the corner toward the creases. You can use Mac or Bobbi Brown makeup products with perfect minerals for a healthier makeup.

3. Smokey Eye Tutorial – Depending On the Eye Color

smokey eyes blue

A basic smokey eye makeup depends on the color of your eyes. You need to choose colors that will bring out the eyes, for example blue, pink and copper shadows will look superb on blue eyes. Brown eyes go well with lavender and chocolatey colors. Green eyes look great with brown and green shades. Just as before, you need to choose from the same color family and pair it with a neutral shade like beige. For example: if you have blue eyes, choose a dynamic color, blue let’s say, a lighter shade of blue and a neutral color. Spread the dynamic color on the naked eyelid, extend it a little past the outer corners. Use an eyeliner and line the bottom rim of the eye with a color of your choosing. Use an eyeliner brush to spread the dynamic color under the eyes and in the outer corners. Spread the neutral color in the inner corner. Use the lighter shade in the inner corners and spread it up to the crease. The best way to look sexy is to have a sexy makeup, simple but urban. One that you can use on an everyday basis. A quick makeup is the best makeup.

2. Chocolate Smokey Eye

brown smokey eye

A brown smokey eye is the perfect makeup style for office or other daytime situations. If you want the look to last for many hours you need to apply primer on the eyelids before putting on the eyeshadow. You can use a neutral shadow like an Urban Decay naked palette, a soft bronze color from NYX. You can choose a color that has a little glitter in it, one from Almay for example. You can go for an Asian makeup or cat eyes and elongate the shape of the eye more than usual.

1. Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Tutorial

kim kardashian smokey eye tutorial

One of the most searched makeup tutorials on YouTube is the Kim Kardashian smokey eyes. If you want to have that look and look picture perfect, first you need to have a thick crayon and begin with the wing at the outer edge of the line. Work your way to the top lash line. Open the eye by making it wider towards the outer edge. Apply brown shadow, starting in the crease. You need to better define the crease for an intense look. You can use Elf products or Bare minerals for this makeup style. You can try the Kim Kardashian smokey eye makeup even if you have hooded eyes.