Sometimes love doesn’t last forever. After you fought hard and tried everything possible to save the relationship and avoid relationship mistakes, you realize that it is best to quit. After the breakup, a broken heart just sticks to painful memories and shattered dreams. How do you deal with such moments, how do you to become stronger, how do you leave everything behind and start over? Here are ten tricks to help you get over a bad breakup.

1. Get rid of his memory

Discontinue any contact with him, erase his phone number and all the text messages you received from him. If you have more gifts from him and you do not want to throw them away, collect them and store them in a place where you cannot see them. Delete photos with you and throw all the things that he still has at your place. You must take it from the beginning and you cannot allow yourself to “run into” his memory.

2. Get it off your chest

Cry, get angry, yell, do what you want. It counts a lot to get everything of your chest and not bottle up memories and feelings. Blame him for all the problems in your relationship, enumerate each of his flaws, fight him for every tear shed. After such a time, you’ll be more quiet, more peaceful. Even if you’re struggling for days to get rid of his memory, you don’t have to look at these moments as weaknesses.

3. Move on

Do not look back. Go on alone, without asking yourself why it came to the breakup, if you were to blame at some point. You just have to be confident that time will be your best ally in healing the wounds left by a former boyfriend.

You can expect a new life full of trials and challenges. Every day should be an occasion to enjoy beautiful moments and leave everything behind.

4. Do not stay alone

Even if they say that loneliness can help you put your thoughts and feelings in order, it is recommended that after the breakup you do not spend much time alone. Get involved in as many pleasurable activities, go out with friends, invite your best friend to go shopping. So you will not have the time to think about him and your breakup.

5. Spend more time with your friends

When it comes to tricks to help you get over a bad breakup, your girlfriends will always be your shoulder to cry on in the most difficult situations. They can be helpful because they don’t let you get sad. Going out, you will notice that you’re not the only person who doesn’t have a partner and this will give you confidence, safety and satisfaction.

Spend more time with your friends, talk on the phone often, gossip and have fun. Although it is difficult, you have to get over the break up.

6. Believe in yourself

Separation must not turn you into a person indifferent, passive, who does not want anything from life. You must be the most important person in your life, to trust yourself, and to see your skills and qualities because if you appreciate yourself, you will better cope with a separation.

7. Write a statement of “profit and loss” of the relationship

The end of a love relationship turns out to be a great time to learn a lot about yourself. Look at your skills. For example, the ability to place yourself at the exact moment of rupture with someone. Analyze the situation and its minuses and you will probably find out that you had too much confidence in a person who did not deserve it.

8. Meet an extraordinary woman: yourself

Do all those things that made you immense pleasure and you were forced to quit because of the disapproval of your ex. Sign up for dance classes, find another profession, travel like you’ve always wanted.

9. Discover your spirituality

Meditate, do not take drugs. Avoid drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and resist the urge to relieve your pain with chocolate and food. Give yourself five daily minutes for peace, meditation or yoga. Eat healthy and regularly. Your body cannot function normally without the necessary resources. Do not skip meals. If you cannot sleep because of thoughts and memories, write a journal about how you feel.


10. Be grateful

It is impossible to be grateful and depressed at the same time. Gratitude turns pain into love and orders emotional chaos. Remember all the things you are grateful for.

So, we hope you don’t ever need to use any of these tricks to help you get over a bad breakup, but if you do, you will surely feel better in a shorter period of time.