vacation destination for 2018

With the new year, travel enthusiast are looking for new opportunities, new adventures. So, here are ten cool vacation destinations.

1. Montenegro: surf at Ada Bojana

For some, paradise is found in Montenegro. Specifically, for German, English and French surfers, who found this place for some time and Ada Bojana island is definitely their favorite destination. Perfect climate, wind, sandy beaches and cheap beer.

2. Minorca: chic rural tourism

While Ibiza and Mallorca are the favorite destinations of insomniacs, Minorca remains an oasis of calm in the Mediterranean. Declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the Balearic island protects its uncontaminated nature, confirming is as an ideal destination for travelers with a green conscience. For a chic stay on the island, bed & breakfast is maximum comfort.

3. Bahia: luxury in samba steps

All eyes will be on Rio de Janeiro, for the Olympic Games. Until then, people go to Bahia, in northeastern Brazil, a very trendy destination because of the mixture of cultures, landscape and luxury hotels. In the village of Trancoso, Dutch designer Wilbert Das opened Uxua House Hotel, made of recycled materials and old abandoned fishing boats. And Salvador di Bahia, besides the carnival, is famous for both the Pelourinho District, a kind of shopping temple and for Zank Hotel and Pestana Bahia Lodge, both offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Cesme: the sea in Turkey

Next stop, Cesme, Turkey. Once a fishing village, this corner of the Aegean coast reinvented itself as a vacation destination. One explanation for its thundering success is most likely the Alacati beach that hosted the World Cup of Professional Windsurfer Association Slalom.

5. Kitzbuhel: sports and food

There isn’t a real skier who has not heard of Kitzbühel, the famous Austrian ski resort with 53 cable cars and 104 kilometers in cable tracks. But among the best parts of this town are the many restaurants. For a gourmet itinerary, you can make a stop at Hotel Tennerhof, owner of a Michelin star or Schwarzer Adler Hotel, where you can find the restaurant Neuwirt. Here, the goose liver baked with almonds and garnished with plum sauce is just one of the specialties.

6. Nepal: honeymoon on Everest

In Nepal, the Supreme Court ruled that homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals. Therefore, one of the most conservative countries in the world became suddenly “gay friendly” and a travel agency in Kathmandu prepared special packages for lesbians and transgenders.

7. Seoul: the design capital

Forget Tokyo, the destination for design amateurs is Seoul. In competition with Milan and New York, the capital of Korea was elected World Design Capital a few years ago. From September 17 until October 17 these is a design fair held ( Seoul Design Fair), an event which attracts millions of visitors.

8. Macedonia: the Balkans

Lake Ohrid is one of the deepest on the planet and the rising ancient settlements on its banks were made safe by UNESCo. No wonder the Macedonians prefer to spend their vacations in Ohrid, close to the Albanian border. To promote tourism in this little known region, an international airport and the construction of six luxury hotels are in plan. Macedonia has made significant investments in recent years and this starts to pay off.

9. Kuala Lumpur: 24 hours of shopping

In the Malaysian capital, the new fashion street is Jalan Bukit Bintag, designer Bernard Chandran (he dresses Lady Gaga dress, if that tells you anything) recently opened a concept store. Also for shopping you can go to Jalan Telawi and in Bangsar district, 15 minutes by taxi from downtown. To meet the young designers there is a sort of fair, held every three months in one of the trendiest discos in Kuala Lumpur, Zouk.

vacation destination for 2018

10. Koh Kood: the island of paradise

The new luxury destination in Thailand is Koh Kood in the Trat islands, a less frequent destination in the past due to tensions in neighboring Cambodia and the difficulties of access, which now has direct flights from many cities of the world and excellent resorts. One of them, the Soneva Kiri of the Six Senses network, offers 42-boungalow villas and an experience worthy of a modern-day Robinson Crusoe.