When we remember the good old times, we can not exclude the 8-bit graphics that amazed us in our childhood. Today, it’s all about nostalgia. Sometimes, the new technologies like anti-aliasing, 3D, anisotropic filtering and many functions that squeeze the power from the new GPUs, are overtaken by the simplicity of the old and still fascinating 8-bit graphic. Artists from all around the world recreated games, maps, movies, and photos, with awesome results. Let’s see some great examples after the break…

A New York City map made in 8-bit! Try it here.

Invaded Space is Adam Richardson’s project. See other pics here.

YouTube user Rymdreglage made this clip from pictures taken in 1500 hours of work. (almost 6 million views!)

Mini Cooper by TCH. Pacman and Space Invaders on an awesome car!

8-Bit Dr. Horrible. Watch the whole DoctorOctoroc’s work on his YT channel.

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch.

8-bit Fatality from TastyPaints.

Play 8-bit Watchmen here.

Developed by Eric Ruth and inspired by Left 4 Dead, Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is a game that imagines the zombie shooter as it might have looked if it were developed for the 8-bit Nintendo game console. Download the game here.

Carefully place a dozen arcade classics in a large mixing bowl. Add a dash of awesomesauce, cover the bowl, and allow the ingredients to ferment over three weeks. Uncover in a well ventilated area, then mash until loud and glitchy. Serve over the internet. Download ROM Check Fail.