New Year’s Eve parties are all about having fun, a bit of indulgence and, of course, cocktails! If you’re stumped on savory liquor delights for your night of nights parties, here are ten refreshingly awesome suggestions, i.e. ten awesome New Year’s cocktails from our team of fun-loving experts.

1. The Happy New Year

Judging by the title, it’s probably not difficult to imagine that this cocktail is going to load you up on champagne, which gives it just enough sweetness and fizz for you to thoroughly enjoy it. However, that’s not all there is to it. Add a bit of brandy, some sweet and bubbly port wine, and don’t skimp on the orange juice either. The mix makes for a sweet, yet not over-the-top drink, just perfect to clink glasses with at 12 o’clock on New Year’s Night.

2. The Classic Cosmopolitan


We’re suggesting this drink, because, although it’s a seasoned classic, there are probably few other things more festive than to clink Martini glasses on New Year’s Eve. That being said, this sweet-and-savory twist on the classic Martini has been made ultra-popular by Sex and the City – and for good reasons, too! Make sure you preserve your cocktail glasses in the freezer, as well as your vodka, for that perfect Cosmo. You’re also going to need Cointreau, cranberry juice, some lime juice, ice, and a cocktail shake.

3. The Midori Melon Ball Drop


We’d all love to spend New Year’s Eve in New York’s Time Square, so we could watch the famous ball drop at midnight. However, since not everybody can afford such festivities, we’re offering you a way to emulate that type of glee right in your own living room. The cocktail requires citrus-flavored vodka and Midori, with a dash of elderflower liqueur, which gives the drink that extra edge you’re going to love it for.

4. The Negroni


The Negroni is one of the most classy and noble cocktails out there, and that’s the truth, too, not just a myth meant to make its drinkers feel more self-important. It derives its name from Italian count Camillo Negroni and is best served as a pre-dinner aperitif, due to its sweet and bitter taste. It contains gin, Martini Rosso, Campari, orange, ice cubes and can be served straight up in a tumbler, or as a long drink, in a highball glass.

5. The French Blonde


Yet another elderflower liqueur cocktail recipe, The French Blonde draws its whimsical name from its subdued, elegant pale yellow color. Use St. Germain elderflower cocktail for the best results. Add 2 oz. of dry gin, 2 oz. of White Lillet and two more of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. A couple of drops of lemon bitters are sure to turn this cocktail into perfection.

6. Good Times


If you’re into classic cocktails, you’re going to love this drink, which is a great new spin on the Classic Martini. The recipe is a bit specific, since it asks for Old Tom Gin, shaken (or stirred, if that’s how you take your Martinis) with some dry vermouth and garnished with a sleek lemon twist. Make sure you take yours in a chilled Martini glass and let the good times roll!

7. The Pink Sparkler

One and a half ounces of noble Veev Acai liqueur, three raspberries, one sugar tablespoon, four ounces of Champagne and another raspberry to be used as a garnish – and, presto! There’s your fizzy, sparkly, perfectly festive pink long drink. This drink is distinctly exotic tasting and perfect for those who like their cocktails a bit on the sweet side.

8. The Kir Royale


There’s no better occasion for champagne cocktails than New Year’s Eve. The Kir Royale is also one of the most simple cocktail recipes you’ll ever come across, since it only requires some good quality champagne and Crème de Cassis, which is blackcurrant liqueur. Alternatively, you can also use sparkling white wine, the demi-sweet variety, for equally tasty results. Only drip a couple teaspoons Crème de Cassis, if you want to stick to the original recipe; or splurge on the liqueur to your heart’s content, if you’re so inclined.

9. The Midnight Martini


This fun-looking cocktail gets its name from the fact that it’s served in a Martini glass, and it’s also got a deep, rich brown color reminiscent of some of the darker nights for fun. It’s great for Halloween, but just as appropriate for New Year’s Eve. It contains coffee, which is going to keep you up on your feet and partying into the wee hours of the morning, as well as coffee liqueur and vodka.

10. The Resolution Martini

If you’re one to believe in and stick to your New Year’s Eve resolutions, then this is definitely the cocktail for you. It’s a simple, elegant drink, which only requires gin, apricot brandy and a drop or two of lemon juice. It’s dry, sweet, but also sour and can become the perfect way to usher in a New Year, with its share of promises and decisions – as long as those decisions don’t involve you giving up on alcohol altogether…