10 Awesome Superheroes The World Would End Without

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Well, the world would end without any of the superheroes we love and cherish for a long time, and ask anybody, they will give you a different list, as people admire and identify with many types of heroes the comics and the books and the movies were so generous to offer us. But today we will look at those wonderful men that entertain us since childhood and still do, showing a particular set of skills that make them special.

1. Iron Man

Since Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man gained so much of a popularity nowadays, it’s extraordinary. Impossible to ignore Tony Stark behind the badass costume, Iron Man has personality, humor, style and a sense of arrogance like no other. Still, he is a true soldier and a true lieder and we just can’t wait for the next movie, can we?


2. Batman

Here we have a lot of reputation, history and personal drama. Batman is an icon for justice and moral values and… a trademark for all and most awesome gadgets anyone can think of. Nobody can stand against him, and if there is one practical model for the Good defeats Evil concept, Batman is the one.


3. Superman

The only true veritable, born and meant to be superhero, if we listen to Bill’s argumentation (Bill from Kill Bill, that is). Superman is the ultimate hero because he was simply born one. Despite his shy, modest and mundane alter-ego, this true superhero doesn’t use gadgets or tricks to win his fights, but the power within and the purity of his spirit.


4. Spiderman

A boy who got terribly lucky or is bound to a terrible misfortune, Spiderman impresses with his out worldly flying choreography. He fights external evil, while he also fights what he has become, but all in all, Spiderman is a superhero and also having a personal intense history makes him more likeable.


5. Hulk

Not a superhero per se, but the product of a monstrous experimental failure, Hulk certainly redeemed himself quite fast, becoming a giant with a heart and a very deep understanding of justice and loyalty. He is fun, he is impressive and he certainly can show us that sometimes you can’t judge a person by his looks.


6. Thor

Since he has his own movies and he played an important part in the Avengers, Thor became a superhero that raised massive numbers of fans all over the world. He is very good looking, if we take Hemsworth as his outstanding impersonator, but character-wise, Thor, as reckless and as arrogant may be, and he’s a demigod, some arrogance was necessary, proved to be a loyal combat partner, a man of wisdom and a man of action, always ready to fight for the good cause.


7. Green Lantern

One of the veterans, the Green Lantern doesn’t necessarily need much of a presentation or an argument for being on this list. The man can manipulate reality and that’s pretty much it. There’s no one like him and there will not be for a little while longer.


8. Captain America

One superhero whose longevity is indisputable. He is among us since 1941, and although he saw some years of decreased popularity, Marvel brought him back in the crowd’s cheers. One of the few real and trained soldiers in the superhero galaxy, Captain America finds his strength in old, but immortal values: freedom, patriotism, the prevail of good against evil. He fights with his bare hands and his awesome shield and in the late years he lives to see his legend is still attracting people all over the world.


9. The Flash

Another veteran, Flash has some super-human super-hero set of skills that make him still one of the most appraised characters in the world. He moves fast, he bends the laws of physics and he certainly has the ability to impress us with his talents.


10. Doctor Manhattan

Watchmen was a comic series that made history and Dr. Manhattan was actually the only one who actually had super-powers. There is one thing differentiating him from the other classic superheroes, and that is the fact that Dr. Manhattan does rarely engage in crime fighting or in small range battles. He is a hero of infinite knowledge and power, thus is used by the Government to advice and intervene in major conflicts, more subtle one, more destructive.


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