Books can inspire anything, from wanting to become a writer yourself, to managing a book club, open a bookstore or become an avid reader and reviewer. People’s love and respect for books can and was expressed in incredible ways, but as we all know, imagination has no limits and no boundaries. Books, characters, stories, they all can get under our skin and become immortal in our hearts. But some books and stories deserve to find their places on our skin too, as an open manifest of their power over us. This is how it happened that a lot of wonderful people decided that they should wear the books on them, in the shape of some brilliant tattoos. There are many such people, manifesting their love for a certain book as making it into a a tattoo, but we’re going to see just ten of these true forms of art.

1. The Little Prince

This short but famous novella was written by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, being the most read, sold and translated book in French language.


2. Where the Wild Things Are

A 1963 children’s book, written by Maurice Sendak, USA writer and illustrator, it not only made history, but sold in tens of millions of copies.


3. Peter Pan

No need to further introduction. The boy who didn’t want to grow up and his breathtaking adventures traveled around the world, becoming a true cult among those who are still keeping alive their childhood spirit.


4. A Clockwork Orange

One of the best dystopias out there, this story about free will, violence and individual choices made it into the world of books and movies and over the years it became a trademark of literature and cinematography.


5. Slaughterhouse-Five

This is a science-fiction anti-war novel written by none other than Kurt Vonnegut. It tells a story about the experiences lived by the characters during the Second World War and the time travels of a soldier named Billy Pilgrim.


6. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams made history and the world go round with this masterpiece. There is no media that this incredible story wasn’t adapted into, from TV Show, Radio Theater, books, PC game an even comics signed by DC Comics. There’s no speculative fiction fan in the world that didn’t hear about it and of course bout… 42!


7. The Fellowship of the Ring

J. R. R. Tolkien left us not only a story that defied ages and stood the test of time, becoming more and more popular as the time goes by, but also a lot of quotes and words of wisdom some of us feel so attached to and so significant, they inscribed them on their skin.


8. Nancy Drew

Who didn’t dream at least once to take part to Nancy’s solving mysteries adventures?  Nancy became a cultural icon, being a very special type of female prototype, loved, respected and appraised for her qualities by readers in the whole world.


9. Alice in Wonderland

Not only a famous story, but also a story that created countless stories around it, its hidden meanings, purposes and message. Nonetheless, one of the most famous children’s stories ever written.


10. Ender’s Game

If you didn’t already hear about Orson Scott Card’s masterpiece, then you should do your homework fast, as the movie, starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield, is going to hit the cinemas very soon. Are you ready to enter Ender’s Game?