10 French Dishes You’d Like To Understand

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French dishes are something to cherish, this we can’t deny. France gave the world a lot of cultural treasures in literature, history, music and arts. Also, this great country gave us a lot of brilliant dishes, wines and desserts that sometimes sound peculiar, to say the least. Getting into a French restaurant may sometimes be a real adventure, especially if you’re not used to either the language, nor the dishes themselves. So if you want to impress a date, a business partner or your family with some really exquisite French cuisine, we’ll try to explain you ten of some delicious meal courses names and significance.

1. Quiche

This is a tart filled with various compositions and a sauce regularly made of eggs, milk, sour cream. The fillings can consist of minced meat, mushrooms, vegetables or cheese, bacon or mixed variants. It is usually served cold.


2. Foie gras

A regular guest in French cuisine, this is actually duck liver paste, served cold and by the side of a stake.


3. Magret de canard

It’s starting to get complicated? At all. Duck breast fillet, a dish highly appreciated among French and other, nonetheless, it is served usually fried, along with a variety of delicious French sauces.


4. Confit de canard

We’re still in the duck area. This is a fried duck leg, preserved in its own fried fat. It’s a delicacy and this practice was borrowed by other European countries and goes well with goose and even pork, too.


5. Cassoulet toulousain

Anything that contains the word “cassoulet”… imagine it is a stew, usually containing beans. This particular “cassoulet” contains also Toulouse sausages, duck or goose or even pork meat, prepared as described above. To further add to your knowledge, “cassoulet” comes from the word “cassole” and it means the ceramic bowl this type of food is usually cooked in.


6. Croque Monsieur

This is a highly appreciated breakfast in all French bistros. It is a simple, yet delicious sandwich, made with toast, butter, Dijon mustard, Gruyere cheese, but any cheese will do just as well, bacon. Easy and crunchy!


7. Consommé

You may know it as stock. This is a very clear soup, made of chicken or beef, bones, fish or vegetables. Its secret is to be very very clear and very flavored. It is an opener, as its purpose is just to wake up your appetite for more.


8. Tête de veau

Tricky this one. It’s a beef’s head and yes, French eat this as a great delicacy. Be careful what you wish for, as it may be good, but not just for everybody. And they won’t serve you the whole head on a plate, either!


9. Cordon bleu

It’s a royal presence in the French cuisine, this is a simple, yet delicious course, consisting in a chicken breast roll, filled with bacon and cheese, covered in egg and flour and fried. Imagine cutting that roll, with that cheese melting in your plate, while the aromas fill in the air… eeeh…


10. Chateaubriand

One of the best French meals in the whole history of French cuisine, this is a beef stake that you’ll never forget soon. Prepare to be amazed, as you’ll receive an entire beef muscle, rare or in the best case scenario, medium rare, quickly  fried in a pan, then kept in the oven just for a few minutes. It is a wonder, but remember it can be quite bloody. Otherwise, it’s delicious.




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