iphone-6 wrap around

Excited about the arrival of the new iPhone 6? Do you want to know what new features it will have and when it will be launched? Are you interested if the best apps for your iPhone will become obsolete? We’ve gathered all of the important iPhone 6 rumors that have hit the internet in the past months and have put them all in one article. Before you go on, keep in mind that they are just that, rumors and have not and will not be confirmed by Apple, who are famous for keeping their lips sealed shut until their iPhone launch event.

10. Still 8MP?

iphone-6 wrap around

The newest iPhone 6 rumors are saying that the camera will still have 8MP and it’s because Apple doesn’t want to play the pixel game anymore. Apple focuses on the quality of the pixels and not the quantity. What do you think? Are you putting your pixels to good use? Do you need more pixels on your smartphone?

9. Flat or Curved?

iphone 6 concept

There are some distant rumors out there that say that the new iPhone 6 will have a curved screen. While that would be quite awesome, we believe Apple will not put a curved screen on its phone unless the technology out there allowed it to be something amazing. And right now, that’s not happening.

8. Better Battery


We all want a better battery from our smartphones and it’s no great news when we’re stating that the iPhone doesn’t sit too well in that department. Rumors are saying that Apple is working on improving the battery life of its iPhone 6. Some wireless charging would also be a dream come true, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

7. Waterproof and Dust Resistant


The iPhone is the next smartphone to jump on the waterproofing and dust resistant bandwagon. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 and the new Sony Xperia Z2, both launched at the beginning of this year, have these features and the new iPhone better have them too! We’re absolutely certain that Apple will make their new iPhone waterproof and dust resistant!

6. Thinner Chassis

thinner chassis

The iPhone 6 rumors are also hinting at a thinner chassis. A larger screen will point to a thinner chassis and that’s what the rumor mill is saying right now. Apple sure has a tendency to make things tiny and light and we believe that this is the future for the iPhone 6. The above picture shows a concept iPhone 6 with a thinner chassis. It looks pretty nice, doesn’t it?

5. Faster Processor


Every year, Apple puts a faster processor than the previous on in their iPhone. Todays’ A7 chip with 64-bit architecture is most likely going to be replaced with an A8 chip. The A7 is already insanely fast and amazing, so an A8 chip with almost double the power is something most people don’t really need in their phones, but it sure feels nice to have all that power in your pocket.

4. It’s Going to Have a Sapphire Crystal Screen

iphone 6 concept hand

A few months ago it was revealed that Apple bought a large amount sapphire glass which led people to suspect that it was planning to introduce it into the iPhone 6. Right now, the home button on the iPhone 5s is made from this very resistant glass, and making an entire phone out of it would be something pretty awesome and ground breaking.

3. It Might Be More Expensive

iphone 6 concept phone

One rumor is saying that the new iPhone 6 will cost $100 more. Apple has apparently started negotiating with carriers and the negotiations aren’t going too well. In a world where Google and Nokia are making budget phones, Apple isn’t making wise choices. If this is true, mobile carriers and buyers won’t like it one bit.

2. Get Ready for a fall Release

apple event

Not much of a rumor, we know, because Apple has already got its audience accustomed to a fall iPhone launch, but there are some people who still believe that a summer launch can happen. We doubt it and we’re going to place all our money on a September launch. Besides, the summer is reserved for iPads and MacBooks.

1. There are Going to Be 2 iPhones

iphone larger screen

Great news or bad news? Apparently, there are some rumors circulating that point into this direction, that come fall, we are going to have two iPhones, just like last year. Only that this year the iPhones are coming in two different sizes. There will be a 4.7″ model and a 5.5″ one. Apple wants a piece of the phablet pie! Apparently, this rumor is quite strong and chances are it’ll happen.

In case you didn’t already guess, the photos of the iPhone 6 presented above are just concepts created by artists and designers. What are your thoughts on these iPhone 6 rumors? Are you excited about the new iPhone 6? Drop us a line in the comment section below.