We have compiled a list of 10 Most Addictive Games specially developed for iPad. These games have gorgeous HD graphics, intuitive controls and very attractive prices. If you own an iPad, check these out. Hope you will like them all!

Need For Speed Shift is now rebuilt for iPad, in full resolution, with great details, cool soundtracks and 28 fast cars.

Need For Speed Shift | Price: 12.99$ | Download

Gameloft did a great job and Iron Man 2 is an awesome game! You can play as Iron Man or War Machine, with great controls and incredible details!

Iron Man 2 | Price: 9.99$ | Download

In Red Alert you can fight for the Soviets, the Allies, or the Empire of the Rising Sun in an excellent RTS game.

Command & Conquer Red Alert | Price: 12.99$ | Download


“Let’s Golf will please any golf fan.” – IGN (8/10) No more words to say.

Let’s Golf HD | Price: 4.99$ | Download


Fight in World War II with great weapons, in various places.

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD | Price: 7.99$ | Download


Geometry Wars: Touch is a must have game for iPad! In addition to the six original Geometry Wars gameplay modes: Deadline, King, Evolved, Pacifism, Waves and Sequence, Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad will feature a brand new, adrenaline-filled mode – Titans! – exclusively on the iPad.

Geometry Wars: Touch | Price: 9.99$ | Download


Mirror’s Edge is a fun, but maybe too short game. It rapidly creates a very engaging experience.

Mirror’s Edge | Price: 12.99$ | Download

Kill those zombies, man! Plants vs Zombies was a hit on iPhone and now you can play it on iPad, with a nice visual experience.


Plants vs Zombies | Price: 9.99$ | Download

Resident Evil 4 for iPad is a must have game if you are a RE fan. It’s 9.99$ for a limited time!!


Resident Evil 4 | Price: 9.99$ | Download

Touch Arcade: β€œAn excellent game that raises the bar of what is to be expected of future first person shooters.”

Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD | Price: 6.99$ | Download