You often find lists and tops showing the most beautiful places on Earth and you must admit,  it is very hard to choose where to go or what to see, especially if you really wish to go to a certain place at least once in a lifetime. Most of them are famous and just as many are secluded and seem like lost patched of Heaven, but the truth is, this world has so many spectacular corners of paradise it’s really a shame we won’t be able to see them all. Today we will take a look not only to those places that seem out of this world, but to those places where nature really did magic, offering us surroundings, colors and landscapes that look like taken out from surreal, dream-like paintings or SF movies.

1. Aliens among us?

This is just a beach from the Maldives. In fact, it is the Vadhoo shore at night. If you feel this image is taken out from a scene in Avatar or any foreign planet sci-fi movie, well, you are wrong, as this landscape is not only Earthly in origin, but also very natural.


2. Purple rain? No, purple fields

These are just lavender fields in France. Maybe the French are very much used to them and don’t feel impressed anymore, but for a foreigner, seeing miles and miles of such intense, beautiful and surreal colors is an experience that must be lived once. Only imagine the perfume…


3. Cerulean blue

Again in Maldives, taking the walk of a lifetime between the sky and the sea. There are, however, a lot of places in the world with water so clear you can’t even guess its depth, but this particular spot is said to be a real walk together with the gods that created water and sky.

exotic_ places

4. Tortilla time!

You thought that Mexico is all about desert, big hats and spicy food? Not at all! If you were drawn to that magical place of wonder, controversy and a reputation that rises questions and curiosity, now it’s time to reconsider your traveling plan, as Rio Secreto’s underground river in Riviera Maya is indeed a magical realm not many tourists know about.


5. Kalespera

The famous Arabian nights may have made history, but Greece has nothing to be ashamed with, on the contrary. This is how a night in Santorini looks like, and if you take a look closer, you will find that everything looks like if a painter really didn’t make any economy on colors.


6. Not just the Eskimo

What is the first image that pops to your mind when you say “Alaska”? Miles and miles of snow, ice and deserted, depressing lands of white. Alaska is not a place to joke about but! it can be a place to enjoy a trip if you don’t mind the cold too much. This is Anchorage and what you see will definitely be what you get.


7. California king bed?

Like camping? Install a comfy tent or some sleeping bags around a warm, friendly fire? Or stay together with other adventurers like yourself in a safe, modern camping place? Well… this is Tree Camping in Elk, California and if your romantic side already wants to book a plane ticket, ask yourself what will you do if, by chance, you’re a sleepwalker. But honestly, that view and that brilliant idea are worth the trouble.


8. CGI

You might think this is a scene taken out from a very well built special effects movie, but it’s just New Zealand, Cathedral Cove Beach Sunrise. What words could describe the majestic look and feel of this place and how can one not get forever in love with this place? So perfect it seems unnatural and yet so natural, you can only take a bow before nature’s brilliance.


9. From Italy with love

Venice. This magical spot on Earth that attracts millions of tourists every year. The thing about Venice, though, is that when you think you’ve seen it all, it still finds something to surprise you with. The faded colors, the weary atmosphere, of both luxury and decay, the surrealism and the silent beauty, all these will make anybody come back again and again to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


10. Lake of tears

Or the lake of “evil spirits” of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia. They are considered to be the resting place for departed souls and what is completely fascinating about the three lakes is that they randomly change color from blue to black to red and green and not even in the same time!