10 Terrible Construction Ideas And Solutions

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This world is the witness of brilliant architectural and interior design ideas that not only were considered revolutionary at their time, but may be considered true works of art. Buildings, house complexes, architectural wonders, interiors that make you shiver in admiration and respect for the ones who created them and left them as legacy. At the other end, though, this world is also the witness of horrible, completely uninspired and down right stupid construction solutions, designs and projects that qualify as grotesque and completely useless. So let’s take a look of some constructions, be them exterior or interior, that will blow your mind.

1. The balcony of no purpose

Whoever built this block and thought about where and how to place balconies, surely must have had a bad day, as this construction is not only ugly, but that balcony is useless and sticks out like a big zit on a beautiful face.


2. Because, why not?

Who in his right mind can think to first mount the windows first and then build walls around them? Original? A new construction technique the world needs still to learn or just plain and simple lack of knowledge and inspiration?


3. The steps leading to nowhere

Seriously, somebody actually paid for a staircase ending up in a wall. How can an interior architect would even consider this absurdity and who is the one who can pay for this nonsense?


4. When a door closes…

Use the other one you built above in the wall, leading perhaps to a parallel universe or a secret magic room.


5. Where to go from there?

If that’s a door growing into that wall, then somebody has a secret suicide wish or a premeditated murder plan. How can you open a door and just… fall outside?


6. Surrealism as its worst

Art? Cutting edge architecture? Gaudi influence? It can’t be any of those, because no matter what surrealistic muse that architect might have had, the result hurts not only the eye, but also the taste and intelligence in anyone.


7. Oh, imagination, this cruel mistress

What exactly is this and what is its purpose? By far one of the most meaningless “constructions” we can find, the only question left is “what does the owner of this monstrosity think about every day when he sees it?”


8. The door needs to feel warm

Without being too mean, although we can and have very good reasons, we will ask just this: is that door feeling better now that it has its own heating?


9. Because we can!

There’s no balcony there. So you buy an apartment in that block and think “what the heck, what if my house doesn’t have a balcony, I’ll improvise one!”. Really? Let’s skip the ugliness, the asymmetrical aspect and the lack of inspiration, improvisation-wise, the lack of any functionality even for a storage room and let’s think about safety, because the owners apparently didn’t give much thought to anything related to that aberration.


10. Wait, what?

How can you enter that bathroom and not be bothered? Would it have been such a tremendous effort to make it look right? Would it have changed the whole building structure? Would it have taken three months of work just to set those sink pipes right?




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