The first date is sometimes the most dreaded date of all. It’s a way to get to know the other person, but only superficially, just enough to know if you would like to see them again. That alone causes huge pressure and that could lead to very unpleasant situations that can not only ruin the date, but also your self-confidence and any hope for future dating you might have. You’ll find enough tips to have a perfect date on the Internet, but what we’ve got in store for you today is 10 things you don’t want to happen on the first date, so buckle up and enjoy!

10. Go to See a Movie

first date

Do not go see a movie on your first date. A first date should be a time to know each other, to get a feel of what’s going on between you, not sit in a dark room next to each other and see a terrible movie. Go to dinner or for a walk instead. Have questions prepared in advance, really try to get to know the person.

9. They Turn Out to Be Bad People


There’s one thing to be a communist and another to like Stalin! Did you know that Tilda Swinton used to be a communist in college? Because in theory communism isn’t all that bad, but history has taught us that it simply can’t work. If you’ve got a commi or a nazi on your hands, then run for your life. As fast as you can!

8. Brag about Past Conquests


If you’ve got a bragger on your hands, you can call it a night! The people who brag about things, such as past conquests should be avoided at all costs. Nobody wants to hear about how many women or men they’ve had; it’s rude and not the type of thing one should talk about during the first date.

7. Fall Hopelessly in Love with Them

fall in love

There’s nothing worse that realizing that the person sitting in front of you on your first date is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! I mean, it was supposed to be just a date, not a date with destiny. When this happens, the best way to deal with it is take it easy and don’t push it. If you play your cards right and if you’re lucky enough, then they might feel the same.

6. Realize You Would Never Work

sad puppy

You know how sometimes you just take one look at someone and you realize that you’d never work together as a couple? It’s sad, but in a way it’s good that we don’t get to waste too much time to realize that. Still, a first date should be fun and fill our tummies with butterflies and send us home day dreaming about the next date with that person.

5. Have Them Talk about Their Ex


The person who drops the name of their ex more than once during their first date is a person who’s still not over them, even if they say they are. Don’t make references to your ex, because the person you’re with isn’t interested in being compared to them. If you have someone talk about their ex all the time during your first date, then you should probably either leave or tell them that you’re not too comfortable with that.

4. Realize You’re Not Attracted to Them


When people plan the first date it’s because they find that person attractive and interesting, but sometimes, when you are on a first date, you realize that you’re not attracted at all to them. That’s very sad, because when it comes to attraction, it’s either there or it’s not. You either want to kiss them, or you don’t. If it’s not there, there isn’t much they can do to change that.

3. Enter the Zone Where You Start Talking Uncontrollably


You know the zone I’m talking about: it’s that place you go to that you simply can’t control yourself. You start talking about your childhood or various embarrassing experiences that have happened to you. For God’s sake, woman/man, if you know that happens to you (sober or after a couple of drinks), warn the poor soul you’re having dinner with, so that they know what to expect.

2. Have Something Embarrassing Happen to Your Body

spinach in teeth

Like snot. Snot is never funny, especially on the first date. Or spinach in your teeth, or a misplaced fart or burp. Any of these can ruin a date, but if you’re lucky enough, the person you’re with has a sense of humor and you both end up laughing about this. Although, as many of my anxiety-filled friends have taught me, that’s very unlikely.

1. Have Them Say I Love You

ted and robin

It may be how How I Met Your Mother started out, with Ted saying I Love You to Robin on their first date, but having that happen to you is not even remotely romantic. It’s downright freaky and something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. If you have the urge to say the dreaded three words, go to the bathroom, slap yourself in the mirror and go to therapy. If you’ve got the person sitting across from you tell you this, smile and explain as politely as possible that they’re nuts.

What are your thoughts on the first date? Did you have any of the above happen to you? If you’ve got any tips for us you’d like to share, you’ll find the comment section below.