With the risk of adding in some clichés and generalizations (we’re only human), we thought we would write a short article about things young girls need to stop doing as soon as possible. Young people tend to not give themselves any slack at all, they tend to dramatize things and exaggerate, which is only natural, when you’re thinking that all those hormones are turning them into little adults. And we all know adults are bonkers! Let’s take a look at 10 things young girls need to stop doing; from following fashion trends that need to die, to being self-critical and judgmental.

10. Use Derogatory Words

words can hurt

… such as fat and thin and ugly. Why are you doing this to yourselves? Why are you perpetuating this horrible degradation of the female body? I’m not even going to go into the whole stick together stuff, but you need to understand that every time you call yourself fat or a skeleton God kills a kitten.

9. Spending So Much Time on Your Phone

iphone facebook

Seriously, it seems that young people these days (here it is, grandma talk) have their mobile devices attached to their hands permanently. Whether they’re checking their Facebook accounts every five minutes or their Tumblr, they almost always seem more interested in what’s going on in their phones than what’s going on in real life. Young girls and boys, put down your smartphones!

8. Hooking Up with Someone and then Ignoring Your Friends


We know this is like a rite of passage for young people.  They begin dating, ignoring their friends while doing it and then getting into a massive argument about how they just don’t understand that you’re busy. Never put your date/hook-up before your friends. Dates come and go, but friends are there for much, much longer. It may not be easy at first to keep a balance, but try not to ignore your friends. After all, you never know how your hook-up is going to turn out.

7. Waxing Off All Body Hair


Young girls’ hatred towards body hair has no limits. It seems that body hair is their number one enemy and they’re trying to get rid of it, no matter the costs. I remember a young teenage boy was asked what the difference between men and women was and he said that women had no pubic hair. How sad is that?

6. Mistakes


Actually, it’s good when you make mistakes, because they are an important tool for learning. Make mistakes and own up to them. Feel proud and not ashamed of them, because it means that you’ve learned a valuable lesson and that, most likely, you’ll never repeat that mistake ever again. (Who are we kidding?! Mistakes are made to be repeated)

5. Feel Guilty


Unless you’ve done some illegal or have hurt someone, then guilt isn’t something you should feel. Don’t feel guilty because you’ve eaten that piece of cake. Don’t feel guilty for not reading that chapter you were supposed to. Relax and give yourself some slack. Beating yourself up for things that are utterly unimportant will not help you evolve.

4. Think in Black and White Terms

black and white

I was talking to a teenager the other day and she was telling me that didn’t want to begin a new relationship with this guy who was interested in her. I told her that there are plenty of other options for her, aside from being in a relationship with him, like hanging out, casually dating and the like. She looked at me like I was talking nonsense. Young girls, there are options, out there. Many, many options!

3. Believe that You Know Better


You don’t! There may be times where you know better than your parents or teachers, but those are so rare, that a law can be given to help prevent them from becoming extinct. Listen to your parents and teachers and if you don’t agree with them, try to reach a compromise. You’re at an age where you learn new and important things every day and you can change your mind from one day to another. Keep an open mind and be flexible.

2. Comparing Yourself to Others

comparing yourself to others

We live in a society where it’s almost impossible not to compare ourselves and our accomplishments to that of others. However, it’s extremely difficult not to make these comparisons in a classroom or school.  Stop comparing yourself to the smartest girl or the prettiest girl. It’s not going to do you any good. Cherish your mind and your body. It’s a great tool that will only work if you work with it.

1. Go on a Diet


Young girls need to stop doing this! If only telling them this would make them stop! Going on a diet when your body is still growing is the worst idea. If you want to lose some weight, do it the old fashioned way. Go to the nutritionist with your mother or father. Give up junk food and start exercising. Never go on a diet without medical supervision. you can mess things up pretty badly for you and your body in the future.

Would you like to add other things young girls need to stop doing? If you feel like sharing then, please drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know what you think.