From a nice cat water fountain to petting them and showing them your love, cats are quite easy to be taken care of; they are independent and love solitude. It doesn’t take much to make them happy and they will love you and offer you so much in return. Cats are awesome, cat owners know this already, and they also know how to keep their kitties happy. This post is for those who are considering getting a cat and may be a little scared to do it. We want to offer you a few tips that are so easy to follow and we’re here to make sure that if you do follow them, your cat will be the happiest kitten in the world. A happy cat equals a happy owner.

10. Good Food


This one may seem like a no brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning, because many think cat food is all the same. Well, it’s not! There’s good cat food and there’s bad cat food. Good cat food is a little more expensive than the commercial one, but if you want your cat to be healthy and have a nice, shiny coat, it’s a smart move to invest in good food.

9. Clean up After Them


Cats are very clean animals and do not like their litter box dirty. Clean up after them daily and make sure to change their litter box every other day. If you don’t do that, they might find another clean spot to do their business on and that would be very unfortunate. If they do, ask yourself whose fault it was. Probably yours.

8. Understand Them


Cats are not dogs. Yes, Captain Obvious strikes again, but if you plan on getting a cat, it’s important to know their behavior. Cats don’t come when you call them, they come when they want, they don’t like to fetch things, although some do, they show love when they feel like it and they like to climb on things and scratch a lot. That’s what all cats do, don’t try to change them. If you don’t like that about them, just get a dog.

7. Cat Water Fountain


A nice cat water fountain can be a good investment. Cats like their water to be fresh and clean and a cat water fountain will make your cat very happy. There are plenty of models to choose from on the market, so take a little time to search for a good one, before buying.

6. Scratch Post


If you don’t want your couches and rugs to suffer at the little paws of your cat, then buy a scratch post for them when they’re young. If you get one when they’re a bit older, they might not get used to it, or even like it and will continue to shred your favorite armchair.

5. Feather Teasers


A feather teaser is one of the best cat toys there are. Lasers too, but they can really tire those little creatures out. It’s fun to play with your cat and a feather teaser will make things even more fun. Let them work for it, but also let them have it – if you don’t they’ll get bored quite easily.

4. Catnip


Catnip is drug for cats. They’ll make your cat behave like crazy. Seriously, you can search videos of cats playing with catnip – they’re hilarious. But, take note, not all cats react to catnip, there are a few that are immune to it. Check and see if your cat is one of them.

3. Boxes


Boxes entertain cats. No one really knows why, but when a cat sees am empty cardboard box, they feel an urge to get in and stay there. You can test this by introducing smaller boxes, one at a time, and have a laugh seeing how hard they try to fit in them.

2. Show You Love


Cats may be independent, but they love affection. When they do come to you, pet them, kiss them and love them. Watch their tail, though, if you see them moving it this means that there’s something that you’re doing, that they don’t really enjoy. Maybe they don’t like their tails touched or their ears. Read your cat and its reactions.

1. Freedom


Cats like their freedom and when you’re at home, try not to impose on your cat. Let them be and wait for them to come to you for affection. Never bother them while they’re sleeping or while they’re bird watching. Be their friend and show respect.