chocolate dress

As you probably know, we love chocolate around here and we never let the occasion slip when it comes to presenting you the coolest things related to chocolate, this miraculous product that managed a long time ago to cross the barrier between sweet deserts and art creations. You can build almost anything out of chocolate and even if some such creations are edible and quite possibly very tasty, it would be a pity to clench your teeth in amazing life – sized sculptures or decorations entirely made out of the most miraculous substances of them all (well maybe not the most, but you get the idea, we are big chocolate lovers around here). From statues to wearable dresses, from entire rooms made of chocolate to tiny funny decorations, here are ten awesome creations made of chocolate we hope you enjoy (and drool over) and who knows, maybe you will get inspired to design your own chocolaty art.

1. The Chocolate BMW

chocolate bmw

The 2010 World Chocolate Wonderland (held in Beijing, China) attendees will no soon forget this amazing and tantalizing life sized power car, made of chocolate. This exhibit is still puzzling for us, as we haven’t decided yet if we want to drive this car or devour it roof to tires.

2. The Statue of Liberty

chocolate lady liberty

When it comes to awesome creations made of chocolate, Paris seems to be the capital of the most talented and daring of artists and the traditions can be traced back tens of years ago. This 13 – feet, 2.5 tons chocolate Lady Liberty was exhibited in Paris in 1986 and is still a trademark in the world of chocolate artists.

3. Chocolate Nike Sneakers

chocolate sneakers

While it would be a bit difficult to take a run or a stroll in the park in these sneakers, it doesn’t mean they are not state of the art chocolate creations. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force 1, designers united and came up with these milk and white chocolate sneakers to make everybody’s hearths and taste buds melt.

4. Eternal Diamond Chocolate Dress

chocolate dress

Just like any celebration worth mentioning, the Gold Award winner of the Chocolate Week Graduate Fashion Week designed a strapless dress made of chocolate, a topic extensively covered in the British papers, as the designer Lauren Smith wanted to show everybody that when it comes to chocolate and fashion, sky is the limit.

5. The sweetest airplane in the world

chocolate airplane

Back to the holy grounds of Salon du Chocolat, visitors had the opportunity back in October 2013 to take the picture of a 20 feet long and terribly realistic looking chocolate airplane, the largest creation exhibited during the event. How many people would take to eat this beauty (without exaggerating, of course)?

6. Chocolate – skating is the new sports in town!

chocolate skating

If you happen to go visit Canela, Brazil, don’t forget to ask about the chocolate – skating rink. It was there back in 2011 and we hope it is still there too, even if dedicated only to children, because its small size. But the idea can be further developed and skating on chocolate may become a new extreme sports of some sort.

7. Chocolate jewelry

chocolate jewelry

Well, humanity has seen diamonds before and all sorts of spectacular jewelry, but how about mixing precious stones, glasses and metals with delicious chocolate and thus creating perfect necklaces, rings or bracelets that are beyond anybody’s imagination?

8. Chocolate shoes

chocolate shoes

Yes, the two most exquisite personal pleasures of women: shoes and chocolate. The collection of Theobroma Cacao is world wide famous, as his awesome creations made of chocolate did not only look very fashionable, but also seem pretty tasty, especially since they were designed in collaboration with master chocolatier Phil Neal from the luxury West London chocolate shop. The Erotique collection is still amazing nowadays and became influential for many contemporary chocolate masters to come up with their own ideas and models of edible shoes.

9. Life size human skulls

chocolate skull

You have to have some sense of humor to taste such gift, in care your funny (and a bit morbid) friends decide to show up with a human skull entirely made of chocolate, but besides looking realistic and terrifying, these skulls also look delicious and we’d love to take a bite. So if you have a friend who’s into archeology or anatomy, or they are doctors or anthropologists, this chocolate skull might be exactly what you were looking for a birthday party or another celebratory event.

10. The chocolate room

chocolate room

This sounds more like a mystery novel’s title, but in reality, this room existed back in 2011, exactly on Valentine’s Day in Lithuania. Seven artists got involved in the project, used over 600 pounds of chocolate and, to everybody’s despair, they didn’t let any visitor to taste the exhibit, although we bet people were drooling at the perfectly designed details and decorations.

If you know about other awesome creations made of chocolate or have pictures of such amazing works of art, feel free to share them with us. Also, if you ever experienced the glory of tasting chocolate out of a life sized chocolate sculpture or object, tell us all the sweet details!