Best Anti-Stress Foods

Unfortunately stressful situations haunt us every day. When we say stress, we are not only referring to the psyche, but also to the organic, such as environmental toxins or those that accumulate in the body, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, lack of energy, fatigue, illness. All of these and many more stress to our body.

These elements that carry out stress on our body will always be present in our lives, but we must not let ourselves be assaulted by them and help our body cope with these situations. How do we do this? Primarily through three major mechanisms that maintain the proper functioning of the body (which has its own resistance to stress): diet, sleep and exercise. Today, we will refer to foods that help us cope with stress.

1. Almonds

They contain especially vitamin B, E, magnesium and zinc. B vitamins and magnesium are involved in production of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. It is known that the secretion of this hormone in the brain brings a good mood. Also, almonds have benefits in terms of cardiovascular system, fight stress, they contain antioxidants and have detoxifying capabilities.

2. Milk

Besides proteins, immunoglobulins (immune proteins), vitamins, fats and minerals, milk also has antioxidants that eliminate free radicals that create oxidative stress. Consumption of milk and cereal in the morning with a slice of bread with cranberries will help you cope with stressful situations during the day.

3. Coffee

Although various discussions were carried on its effects, consumed in moderation, coffee shows significant benefits, inducing us a good mood, stimulating attention, concentration, energizing and having an important anti-stress role.

4. Avocado

The humble fruit (or vegetable?) rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (ie the good guys) and potassium contributes significantly to the lowering of blood pressure. If you do not find it very appealing, remember that it is the main ingredient of delicious guacamole, so you can try this option.

5. Oatmeal

Carbohydrates cause the brain to produce more serotonin, like when you eat dark chocolate. The longer is the absorption of carbohydrates in the body, the longer the production of serotonin is. The result? It is quite unlikely that you will get nervous, regardless of stress level you have achieved.

6. Cranberries

Besides the delicious taste that they have, they make an important contribution of minerals and vitamins to the body and some substances that improve eyesight, strengthen the immune system and energizes us. Consumed a few times a week (in jam, for example), cranberries will help eliminate fatigue and feel optimistic.

7. Oranges

Getting ready for an interview for a job or a presentation in front of the most sadistic boss in the world? Prepare yourself a fresh orange juice, or at least eat an orange. The miracle ingredient that will help in this case is vitamin C, which will make the stress hormone cortisol decline rapidly.

8. Eggs

Although they have a very rich content of vitamins, best quality proteins, minerals, they should, however, be consumed in moderation. An egg or two three days a week is sufficient. The benefits of the substances contained in the egg are reflected in many body systems, strengthening immunity, accelerating recovery and regeneration of cellular tissue, B vitamins, whose deficiencies lead to anemia etc.

9. Salmon

The stress hormone, which we talked about, has formidable enemies: Omega-3 fatty acids. One of the best source is fatty fish, such as salmon or tuna. Include fish in your diet twice a week and not only you will have a better mood, but your heart will be much healthier.

10. Spinach

Magnesium contributes significantly to lowering stress levels and if you’re not a fan of supplements, include it in your diet. If it is not your favorite food, eat it in salads or sandwiches, as a cup of spinach provides 40% of your daily requirement of magnesium.

What other foods do you believe have an anti-stress effect on you?