Saturday, June 3, 2023

These Nails Tell Some Stories

Photographer Vlad Artazov replaced people with nails and obtained some brilliant photos that tell some great stories. You can see here ten awesome pictures that look so real, captured with aFujiFilm FinepixS2Pro digital camera. Enjoy.

10 Beautiful Illustrations

Clement Meriguet is a talented artist from Paris, France. He is also known as Le Mome Keke and his blog is full of amazing...

10 Awesome Airbrushed Cars

If you want to see some stunning cars, just go to Russia. They have enough gold there to cover a Porsche entirely or enough opulence to put leather on the body of a car. Now, forget about these crazy habits and focus on these amazing ten examples of automotive airbrushing!You have to be a talented artist to make such detailed drawings...

10 Awesome Aquariums

Fish are really tasty, but we also like to have them in a creative aquarium, for our relaxation and inspiration. Let's have a look at these ten awesome aquariums:

10 Awesome Maps

Check out these ten awesome interactive maps which might be useful and truly inspiring for all of you. They are clever, funny, colorful and informative! Enjoy!

10 Breathtaking Pictures of Africa

Africa is maybe the most beautiful continent in the world. We find here stunning landscapes, a great diversity of animals and plants, good people and, according to some strong theories, the origin of human being. But Africa is also a continent full of problems. Poverty is the most important. We hope that one day, we'll live togetherin a better world, with less problems, with food and water for everybody. They don't deserve to be forgotten.

10 Stunning Paper Sculptures

Two talented artists from Russia create stunning figures using just paper and a lot of creativity. They are Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich, and their paper sculptures are absolutely awesome!

10 Strange Sculptures

Check out these strange and amazing sculptures from all around the world. Art is everywhere. Can you see it?

10 Beautiful Animal Pictures

The human being wasn't here from the beginning, so this blue planet is not ours. However, we build cities, we destroy forests, we dig into the mountains, we desperately search for food. These amazing beings are in danger because of us. Let's admire them and protect them.

10 Amazing Panoramic Photos

Panoramic photos can be really amazing, as you can see in these ten stunning examples: