Saturday, June 3, 2023

10 Awesome New Yorker Covers

"Visualizing answers to artistic questions is a full-time job. I enjoy solving problems that challenge my powers of creativity. Most of my strongest images spring from dreams which have haunted me over the years. The Big City has been a recurring dream all my life, and fittingly, is the subject of much of my art. Being born and raised in Manhattan must have had something to do with it. Many of the New Yorker covers I've created were painted from vivid memories and urban epiphanies." - Eric Drooker

10 Awesome Clay Illustrations

I am an illustrator specialized in clay illustration and other materials which allow me to work in volume. I love to explore the possibilities of each project working with all kinds of elements and textures. Once the illustration is finished, it is photographed and delivered to clients in high resolution digital format.

10 Awesome Portraits

Check out ten awesome illustrations that represents portraits of some celebrities. You know who are them without looking at their names (but we've put the names, just in case).

Its Name is Hubble

Its name is Hubble and words here are not necessary...

Ben Heine Reloaded

Ben Heine is back! This time, the Belgian artist is even more creative, with some new awesome images done by putting a piece of paper between camera and reality.

10 Beautiful and Inspiring Animations

These animations are absolutely stunning! Full of great stories, funny, crazy, or sad characters, nice graphics and beautiful soundtracks, these amazing videos are perfect for your inspiration. Enjoy.

Magical Waterdrops

The world is full of little magical things. We often ignore them and that's a shame, because the nature offers an amazing show and this show is free for everybody. We only have to stop from our weird activities and look around. Enjoy.

10 Awesome Video Ads

The best way to sell your products? Use clever advertising, with creative, funny, spectacular images or videos. Lets see ten awesome examples here. Some of them are simple, but very attractive and efficient. Enjoy.

10 Beautiful Water-Themed Photos

Water is a great source of inspiration and also a spring of mysteries. We do know many things about this element, but not about oceans and seas, because we don't live in them. Many myths, legends and beautiful stories come from water, so we must appreciate and respect it. Let's see know ten amazing examples of water-themeddigital art! Enjoy.

Stunning Illustrations: Bram Lee

You will love these magical illustrations made by Bram Lee, a very talented artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His artwork is pretty impressive, with great details, wonderful lights, beautiful colors andunique style. Enjoy.