Thursday, September 28, 2023
Rhett Butler in gone with the wind

10 Male Literary Characters to Take out for a Beer

Whether we’re talking about heroes with muscles and weapons or smart guys who get out of trouble by using their oratorical talents, there is...
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy sciecen fictuon book

10 Science Fiction Books You Should Read in a Lifetime

Science Fiction means fantasy based on science. The genre is disregarded by literary purists, but we recommend you do not take into account all...

10 Male Characters from Books You Will Love

Books help shape personalities and offer new perspectives on the world. There are those wonderful books that captivate you and take you into their...
most read books in 2012

10 Most Read Books in 2012

Have you ever thought about why is it exactly you like reading? For me, it's about connecting with the characters and the author, learning...

10 Books That Are Associated To Human Violence and Death

We hear a lot about the violence induced by movies, TV shows, music and games. The subject is thoroughly debated. Today we will see ten of the books that are accused to have triggered violent impulses in our fellow men.

10 Memorable Quotes from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones became over the years more than a novel, more than a successful TV show and more than a brand. George R. R. Martin created a real cult, gathering followers from all the corners in the world, waiting, hoping, craving to further adventure themselves in the universe of their favorite characters. But today we will take a journey back to Martin's world, evoking ten of the most memorable quotes in the first novel

10 Awesome Tattoos Inspired By Books

Books can inspire anything, from wanting to become a writer yourself, to managing a book club, open a bookstore or become an avid reader and reviewer. But some books and stories deserve to find their places on our skin too, as an open manifest of their power over us. This is how it happened that a lot of wonderful people decided that they should wear the books on them, in the shape of some brilliant tattoos. There are many such people, manifesting their love for a certain book as making it into a tattoo, but we're going to see just ten of these true forms of art.

10 Famous and Beautiful Bookstores in the World

Some bookstores in this world are true monuments of spirit and wisdom, and while some are beautifully imposing, others are in themselves a special form of art. So let's travel together and see ten of these spectacular bookstores, from Europe to China.

10 Fantasy and Horror Stories You’d Love To Read

Fantasy and horror represent a genre many people love and many people stay away from, but truth be told, if one isn't quite easy with the thought of emerging into a full length novel and still wants to taste the entertainment (and also a good scare) of fantasy and horror literature, just out of curiosity, here are ten stories that might get you a little bit closer to this often underrated genre. And who knows, you might just turn into a dedicated fan...

10 Books You Must Read in Your Life Time

There are not only ten. There are thousands, depending on your taste in genre, sub-genre and even age and education.