Friday, December 8, 2023
South Park Episodes

10 Awesome South Park Episodes

Source Ever since the airing of the pilot episode in 1997, South Park has been constantly taking satire to the next level. Their spice and...

Zooming Into The Lagoon Nebula

Imagine you had a magical camera with a zillionX zoom, traveling through galaxies. This is how it would look:

10 Cheap Board Games

Board games have been the source of entertainment in many cultures and societies, even before literacy came to be.

Ten Doctor Who Gadgets you Wish you Had

The iconic sci-fi television series Doctor Who from BBC is one of the longest running shows in history, celebrating its' fiftieth anniversary this year....
Celebrities Who Use a Stage Name

10 Celebrities Who Use a Stage Name

Demetria Guines, Norma Jean Mortensen, Lydia Petrovna Mironova Illian, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner? Ring a bell? No? Well, they are Hollywood celebrities you know...
college party themes Masquerade

10 Awesome College Party Themes

You’re in college and you simply must have a college party before Christmas break, but you don’t know what party theme to choose? You’ve...
The list of 6 cartoon universes conspiracy theories includes Wall-E

6 Cartoon Universes Conspiracy Theories

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory every now and then, if only to laugh heartily at. Unless you're some fanatic hunter of deviants from the...

25 Weird Mascots

So you're sitting in the bleachers waiting to cheer for your home team. A few minutes before the game starts, the energy of the spectators is pumped up with the entrance of the cheerleaders. Then enters the mascot... And the whole place becomes as silent as a tomb. The mascot is just too ridiculous for words.

10 Ways to Prepare for a Girls’ Night In

Get those slumber party invitations ready! Any kind of quality time spend with your girlfriends is time well spent – it’s insanely fun, you...

10 Instagram Pages You Should Follow

Instagram photos are downright spectacular and celebrities take full advantage of their personal pages to share with their fans unique moments they spend at...